VIDEO: Mazda explains its i-ELOOP technology

Mazda i-ELOOP video

Over the next little while you’ll be hearing a lot about Mazda’s new Skyactiv i-ELOOP technology. In Australia our first look at this new tech will be in the 2013 Mazda6.

The i-ELOOP name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue easily, but it is a simple and clever way to ensure that no power from the car’s alternator is lost. To do that energy is sent to a specially created capacitor. It also uses regenerative energy to power the alternator, freeing it from its reliance on the engine. One of the main benefits of this concept is reduced fuel consumption.

It’s a little bit nerdy, really, and if it all sounds a bit like witchcraft, then watch the video after the break.

2013 Mazda6