Lexus LFA-based AD-X prototype spied

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Lexus AD-X prototype

Lexus seems to be developing a habit of turning up to the Nürburgring with one-off prototypes that never see the light of day again. Already this year we’ve seen prototypes labelled AD-A and AD-B. Now we’re looking at the AD-X. It looks pretty cool in its Porsche GT3 RS-style colour scheme too.

It’s likely these AD-badged models are based on the LFA Nürburgring, itself a limited edition of the original LFA model. The Nürburging model gets 562bhp from its 4.8 litre V10 engine. How much do you reckon the engine in this AD-X produces?

Who knows if we’ll ever see this car again; if you want to see more be sure to follow the source link below.

[Source: Pistonspy]