Next-gen Audi RS3 expected in 2014

2013 Audi S3 (8V)

The position of the new Audi S3 at the top of the 8V A3 model tree is expected to be shorter than usual with word filtering through that the new RS3 is on track for a 2014 debut.

Audi usually saves its cooking RS models for late in the model-cycle, but according to Stephan Reil, Quattro GmbH boss, the next RS3 will go on sale around 12 months after the S3. Pleasingly, Reil also said: “‘Let’s just say you will be seeing more of the five-cylinder engine.”

We wonder if Audi will be liberate any more power from the 2.5 litre turbo five, or if they’ll maintain the current 250kW/450Nm? At the very least we think they should offer the same 265kW/465Nm found in the TT RS Plus.

The best news about the new RS3? Well, after a few discussions with passers by at the motor show last week, we’re now quietly confident it will be offered for sale in Australia.

[Source: What Car?]

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Needs a coupe version, and needs to be more competitive on price. I doubt the S3 will be much of a competitor to the M135i, and same again for the RS3 to 1M or M2 or whatever.

RS3 in Audtralia would be great. But like Derek said I think BMW has them covered at that price point.

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