2014 Audi RS3 spied in Nürburg

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Audi RS3 prototype

This otherwise regular looking Audi S3 is said to be an early RS3 prototype. At first glance it’s hard to find much to support such a theory, but on closer inspection the front brake rotors are cross drilled and those calipers look very meaty as well.

The honeycomb grille beneath the foglights were open offering air flow to the brakes, whereas the same area on the S3 is blocked off. But the kicker to building the case that this is an RS3 is the reports from those snapping the pics who said the engine note sound much more like Audi’s beloved inline five cylinder turbo than any old 2.0 litre four pot.

Last year we heard the 8V RS3 is likely to come to Australia. Now, with more powerful offerings on the market from BMW and Mercedes-Benz we reckon Audi’s hand has been forced somewhat.

It’s expected the RS3 will be on Audi’s stand at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

[Source: CarScoops | Pic: CarPix]