Seven little Australians want the LaFerrari

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2013 LaFerrari

The strictly-limited LaFerrari hypercar has reportedly been sold out, although we suspect what that really means is that there’s sufficient interest in the car for Ferrari to follow its usual form of hand picking the punters deemed suitable to collect a set of keys. In the case of the LaFerrari they’ve got 499 happy phone calls to make.

One catch for local buyers is all 499 examples of the LaFerrari will be built in left-hand drive, which makes it tricky getting the car approved for local registration. However, that hasn’t stopped seven Australians from submitting expressions of interest in buying the LaFerrari.

Giving a clue to at least one potential owner, perhaps, was the response given to AUSmotive by Ferrari’s Australian distributor who said the LaFerrari would only be suitable for, “use abroad or for non-public road use in Australia at, for example, track days or their own private road systems.”

We wish the seven little Australians all the best in their quest to own one of the world’s most exciting and desirable machines.