A closer look at the BMW 435i M Sport

BMW 435i M Sport

Last month BMW removed the virtual wraps from its new F32 4 Series, what we used to know as a 3 Series coupé. Naturally BMW provided slick professionally shot imagery and a high quality video to go with. This video from a product launch in Europe cannot compete with those production qualities, but it does give us a close look at a 435i with M Sport package. This is the starting point for the new M4, the true successor to the iconic M3.

Not sure about anyone else, but we like what we see.

[Source: F30post]

One reply on “A closer look at the BMW 435i M Sport”

Not sure whether I like it or not just yet. Like most things, over time I’m sure I’ll come to like it but it, but for now there are some angles (such as from the rear) where the proportions don’t look right to me.

Guess that’s why I bought one of the last M3’s a few weeks ago. I do love the high revving v8.

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