BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé revealed

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

BMW has followed the launch of the 4 Series Coupé with this new Gran Coupé model, which will be on show in Geneva next month.

The F36 Gran Coupé is essentially the same as its genuine coupé donor model, but now with four doors and a big arse. Although, it is quite a nice arse, we do admit. Yes, we like this Gran Coupé.

We have no idea if there’s a market for a premium mid-side four-door coupé, but since when has anything like a lack of demand stopped BMW from making yet another niche vehicle? Build it and they will buy, seems to be the mantra.

Indeed, BMW should be encouraged to keep making these weird and wonderful variations of the same car. If nothing else it adds some interest and shows they’ve got the guts to have a go. We like that.

So, back to this 4 Series Gran Coupé for a minute. The front-end is a straight copy of the coupé and the wheelbase and overall width is same, as well. The Gran Coupé is 12mm taller and 112mm longer. Surprisingly the big arse only accounts for an increase in luggage capacity of 35 litres over the two-door.

You can see and read more about the 4 Series Gran Coupé after the break.

BMW Motor Shows

What to expect from BMW in 2014

BMW M3 and M4 on display in Detroit

As well as the launch of the highly anticipated M3 and M4 in Detroit this week, BMW has much more in store during 2014. Make sure you follow the source link from BimmerFile for more detail:

2014 North American International Auto Show (January)

  • M3 (F80) and M4 (F82)
  • M235i (F22)
  • 228i (F22)

2014 Geneva Motor Show (March)

  • 4 Series Gran Coupe (F36)
  • FWD Active Tourer (F45)
  • MINI Four-door concept (F55)

2014 New York Auto Show (April)

  • X4 (F26)
  • X3 LCI

2014 Moscow Motor Show (August)

  • X6 (F16)

2014 Paris Motor Show (September)

  • X5 M (F85) and X6 M (F86)
  • 2 Series Convertible (F23)
  • MINI Four-door (F55)

[Source: BimmerFile | Pic: Bimmerpost]


BMW 4 Series Convertible revealed

BMW 4 Series Convertible

If you insist on your 4 Series Coupé being a convertible, BMW has now answered your prayers. Available at launch in 420d, 428i and 435i (pictured above) designations, the F33 4 Series convertible features a three-piece roof that can be opened in 20 seconds at speeds of up to 18km/h.

Pretty much everything else is the same as the coupé, so knock yourself out below with the pics and press guff BMW has supplied.


BMW 4 Series convertible given unofficial preview

BMW 4 Series convertible

BMW’s F33 4 Series convertible has been given an early viewing thanks to a series of images leaked by a Belgian source. Based on the F32 4 Series coupé there’s no real surprises here and you’ll get your official look at BMW’s latest convertible at the LA Auto Show next month.

Although, don’t be surprised if Munich responds in the next day or two with official images and information.

Like the old 3 Series convertible the 4 Series version sticks with a metal folding roof and Australian buyers should probably look towards the coupé for an idea of the likely engine line up and specs.

[Source: BMW Blog]


BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe spied

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe prototype

Now that we have the new 4 Series Coupe, with the convertible version to follow in Frankfurt next week, BMW can focus on extending the range further with the four-door Gran Coupe.

As you can see from this recent spy shot, the look is very much in line with the regular coupe version and so long as rear seat headroom isn’t completely pointless the Gran Coupe could end up being a fine option for those wanting to stand out from the 3 Series saloon crowd.

It’s expected the 4 Series Gran Coupe will debut later this year, possibly at the LA Auto Show in November.

[Source: World Car Fans | Pic: Automedia]


OFFICIAL: BMW 4 Series Coupe – Australian pricing

F32 BMW 4 Series Coupe

Last month we gave you the inside word on Australian pricing for the new F32 BMW 4 Series Coupe. Today the official confirmation of those figures has come through from BMW. Here is the list pricing for the models BMW has announced:

  • 420d Coupe (135kW/380Nm): $73,200
  • 428i Coupe (180kW/350Nm): $86,500
  • 435i M Sport Coupe (225kW/400Nm): $108,500

You can read BMW’s full press release after the break, which also details the reasonably high levels of specification the range will come with.

However, what it won’t tell you is there will be a 135kW/270Nm 420i Coupe added to the range early next year (from November 2013 production onwards). It will be priced from $70,900.


BMW 4 Series Coupe – Australian pricing tip-off

F32 BMW 4 Series Coupe

New information came to AUSmotive today providing a tip-off for the expected list pricing of the BMW 4 Series Coupe. A total of four models have been scheduled for initial release:

  • 420i Coupe (135kW/270Nm): $70,900 (from November 2013 build onwards)
  • 420d Coupe (135kW/380Nm): $73,200
  • 428i Coupe (180kW/350Nm): $86,500
  • 435i M Sport Coupe (225kW/400Nm): $108,500

Similar to the F30 3 Series, the F32 Coupe will be available with Sport and Luxury line packages. While the Modern Line package won’t be available the others are included as no cost options. If you’d like the M Sport Package it will be an extra $4000 on the 420 models and $2000 more on the 428i.

BMW’s noted 8-speed auto transmission will be standard fitment across the range. From the information we have it’s not clear if a manual transmission will be possible as an option.

Adaptive M Suspension and Professional Navigation are included on the 428i and 435i M Sport, both are optional on the 420 models. In the short term a strange production quirk means the 420d can only be ordered with Professional Nav.

The M Sport Package includes 19″ M light alloys, M Sport body kit, M Sport steering wheel and the previously mentioned M Adaptive suspension.

A total of 13 exterior colours are available, all pretty standard BMW fare, and as usual Estoril Blue (pictured above) is limited to the M Sport Package.

The 4 Series Coupe will be launched in Australia in October and customer orders can be placed from September 2013 production.


A closer look at the BMW 435i M Sport

BMW 435i M Sport

Last month BMW removed the virtual wraps from its new F32 4 Series, what we used to know as a 3 Series coupé. Naturally BMW provided slick professionally shot imagery and a high quality video to go with. This video from a product launch in Europe cannot compete with those production qualities, but it does give us a close look at a 435i with M Sport package. This is the starting point for the new M4, the true successor to the iconic M3.

Not sure about anyone else, but we like what we see.

[Source: F30post]


BMW 4 Series Coupe revealed

F32 BMW 4 Series Coupe

BMW has now released a full suite of information and images for its all-new F32 4 Series Coupe. Based on the F30 3 Series saloon the Coupe has a slightly restyled front to help emphasise the width of the car.

In profile and three-quarter view the 4 Series has a long bonnet and almost liftback-like appearance to the rear. This didn’t seem as apparent to us on the Concept 4 Series Coupe revealed late last year. Overall we think the production 4 Series looks pretty good, although the front edge of the bonnet does have a droopiness to it that we’d like to see in person before forming a finite opinion.

At launch you can have the 4er in three specifications. Starting with the four-cylinder turbo 420d, you’ll have 135kW/350Nm on tap. If you’d prefer petrol power you can have either the 180kW/350Nm four-cylinder turbo 428i or the range-topping 435i powered by BMW’s much loved turbocharged 3.0 litre straight six producing 225kW/400Nm.

There’s another 70 photos waiting for you after the break, including a handful of pics showing the M Sport kit. That will give us a small taste of what to expect for the highly anticipated M4. In addition to the pics we’ve also given you access to the full 36 page press kit.