Volkswagen Golf VII R leaked

Volkswagen Golf VII R

It looks almost certain that we’ll see the all-new Volkswagen Golf R revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show after new details have been leaked.

Firstly, the two images show what you’d expect from R GmbH when finishing off the hottest Golf on the Mk7 platform. Like the car itself the bodywork is an evolution of what we saw in the Mk6 Golf R. Notable changes are to the alloys which look to be at least 19″ in diameter. The wing mirrors have gone from gloss black to a satin chrome finish. And at the back of the car centrally mounted twin exhaust tips have been replaced by a more conventional quad set up.

Power comes straight from the 8V Audi S3, so we’re talking 221kW/380Nm. Coupled with a 4motion all-wheel drive system and DSG transmission Volkswagen claims the R can sprint to 100km/h in 4.9 seconds, while manual drivers will need an extra 0.4 seconds to complete the same task. Top speed has been restricted to 250km/h.

Fuel consumption can be quite frugal if you desire, with the Euro combined cycle yielding results of 6.9l/100km.

The new R rides on suspension that’s 5mm lower than the Mk7 GTI and it appears as though Adaptive Chassis Control will remain an option. Although it is expected to have a Race setting added to its bag of tricks.

Officially, all we can find from Volkswagen is that the new R will have its market launch in the fourth quarter of this year, which is why we expect to see a full reveal from Volkswagen very soon.

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Volkswagen Golf VII R

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Two key points for me:
Will there be a two door?
Will we get the Full Monty KW?

If both are yes I’d be interested.

Official details are now available, from Volkswagen UK, but I won’t update until the morning. Here’s a teaser:

Volkswagen has released the first details of its powerful new Volkswagen Golf R, which is set to take to the stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. With a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine producing 300 PS and 280 lbs ft, and transferring its power to the road via the latest 4MOTION four-wheel drive system, the new Golf R is the fastest-accelerating production Golf yet, with a zero to 62 mph time of just 5.3 seconds (compared with 5.7 seconds for the previous model), or 4.9 seconds when fitted with the optional six-speed DSG gearbox. Top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph.

the rear is the most disappointing part. the black centre apron looks like a standard comfortline but with 4 crappy looking AMG esque pipes in it. bring back the 2 central pipes!!!

The specs are better than I expected. I can’t see how VW are going to price the R… Too low and no one will buy a GTI, too high and an S3 would be the obvious choice. I’ll be watching with interest!

I love those wheels but I prefer the center exhausts of the previous model.
Also the front lower grill is too bland, the previous model’s LED’s and larger intakes rock.

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