Watch a pair of LaFerraris lap Fiorano


Here you can see a pair of LaFerraris take to the Fiorano test track. Maranello’s hybrid hypercar is powered by a 588kW 6.3 litre V12 complemented by an extra 120kW of electric power. The combined HY-KERS power output is 708kW (963CV). Torque is a very handy 900Nm as well. Put all that on a track and we reckon the blokes behind the wheel were having fun!

One reply on “Watch a pair of LaFerraris lap Fiorano”

Nowhere near as attractive as a P1 or 918. Also the V12 sounds muffled. I would have expected it to sound more like a screaming 9-10,000rpm race car. The 918’s V8 sounds better.

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