Watch a pair of LaFerraris lap Fiorano


Here you can see a pair of LaFerraris take to the Fiorano test track. Maranello’s hybrid hypercar is powered by a 588kW 6.3 litre V12 complemented by an extra 120kW of electric power. The combined HY-KERS power output is 708kW (963CV). Torque is a very handy 900Nm as well. Put all that on a track and we reckon the blokes behind the wheel were having fun!


Fernando has fun in LaFerrari

Fernando Alonso drives the LaFerrari around Fiorano

Here’s a short and sweet video from Ferrari showing Fernando Alonso at the wheel of the LaFerrari at the company’s famous Fiorano test track.

Alongside Alonso is GT racer Andrea Bertolini. Asked to do a couple of slow laps for testing purposes Alonso couldn’t resist and let rip in the 708kW über-hybrid.

Ferrari Formula 1

Pictures and video from the Ferrari F150 shakedown

Ferrari F150 shakedown

Last year’s runner-up in the F1 World Championship, Fernando Alonso, has taken out the team’s new F150 on Ferrari’s Fiorano test track. You can see more pics and a brief video after the break.


Ferrari 458 Challenge testing at Fiorano

Ferrari 458 Challenge

German publication auto motor und sport have posted up video footage of the Ferrari 458 Challenge undergoing allegedly secret testing at the company’s Fiorano test track. It’s all pretty straightforward really, so watch the clip below and marvel at the clinical efficiency the 458 Challenge displays.


Ferrari 458 Challenge announced

Ferrari 458 Challenge

The Ferrari 458 Challenge, the latest Maranello road car to racecar transformation, has just been revealed at the Annual Dealer Meeting. Of course, the Challenge version is heavily based on the already mighty 458 Italia, which has been drawing praise the world over since its launch.

To make the 458 that little bit better on the track Ferrari’s engineers have played with the gear ratios to offer more low down torque, even though the road car’s standard engine and 425kW remains. The E-diff from the standard car also makes its way onto the Challenge meaning it is the first Ferrari wearing this badge to be fitted with such technology. Similarly, the most recent traction control technology from Ferrari, F1-Trac, has also been fitted to a Challenge for the first time.

A weight loss program has been employed through the use of thinner body panels. Other lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and lexan have been used as well. The Challenge sits 30mm lower than the Italia and runs on 19″ alloys with Pirelli slicks.

Apparently prospective 458 Challenge owners are “professional and gentlemen drivers alike” and they’ll be pleased to know they will be able to race their new toys in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli series from 2011. They also have a new target time of 1:16.5 at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track; two seconds faster than the F430 Challenge.

Ferrari News

Cristiano Ronaldo’s fortunes take a dive

Cristiano Ronaldo is a prat

Cristiano Ronaldo. He earns eleventy squillion dollars a minute, has a stable of auto exotica that would make any captain of industry blush and has the world’s best footballers at his mercy. But plenty of people say he is a prat, and worse, they say he is a filthy diving cheat. If you happen to think that is the case, then you’re probably indulging in a touch of schadenfreude and relishing this chance to get one up on a guy who seems to think he can do no wrong. For he has done wrong, very wrong, by writing off his new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano in a Manchester tunnel. (What is it about these cars?)

Of course, like any good footballer it wasn’t his fault and he is protesting his innocence to the ref by claiming there was oil on the road that caused him to lose control.

Ronaldo was on his way to a training session for Manchester United when the crash took place. He was uninjured in the incident and given a lift to United’s training ground by teammate Edwin Van der Sar who was following Ronaldo as he put the Ferrari into the wall. Apparently Ronaldo was all smiles as he drove home in his Bentley Continental GTC.

I think those people could be right (looks like they read


Ferrari Oh the humanity

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano lights my fire

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano fire

Yesterday’s post about the Ferrari California was the good. Well, sadly, this is the bad and the ugly all rolled into one for the owner of what used to be a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. First reported by the UK paper The Sun, the story goes the owner wasn’t even at the wheel when the towering Fiorano went up in smoke. One of the owner’s employees was driving the car when it made some sort of noise and then erupted into flames.

Unfortunately for Ferrari, this isn’t the first time a 599 hasn’t been able to stand the heat, follow the Autoblog link below for more.

Source: The Sun and Autoblog (image: The Sun)