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VIDEO: BMW M235i Racing on track

BMW M235i Racing

If the thought of a BMW M235i Racing grabs your attention, then here’s a video just for you. It’s little more than teaser clip so don’t go in expecting lots of sideways action or even adrenaline fulled 10/10ths driving. The beauty about this customer racecar is you can buy your own and drive it in any manner you like!

BMW Motorsport says it already holds 30 advance orders for the factory-prepped racers. At €59,500 (plus taxes) it’s easy to see why.

BMW Sports Trophy: BMW M235i Racing is the new entry-level model.

The BMW Sports Trophy enters its 53rd season in 2014 – and customer racing remains hugely important to BMW. Privateer BMW drivers and teams can once again compete within the BMW Sports Trophy, with the prospect of winning attractive prizes come the end of the season. BMW Motorsport is now adding a new car to its customer racing range, which is spearheaded by the BMW Z4 GT3, in the form of the BMW M235i Racing. At a price of 59,500 Euros (plus VAT), this car helps to make motorsport affordable for those just starting out. Customer feedback has been very positive so far: more than 30 advance orders have already been placed with BMW Motorsport.

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Hopefully there will be an M2 that looks like that.

If that is what it sounds like – win!

I was thinking the same thing Dave – I think they are using this as a development for the M2 body! 🙂

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