VIDEO: BMW M235i Racing promo

BMW released this video of the M235i Racing a few weeks ago. We missed it! We’re sorry about that, but not sorry at all to bring it to you now. The on track action featured in this clip is actually not that interesting. The good stuff is at the start when we’re given an insight […]

More BMW M2 speculation

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We all know that BMW will make an M2 when the time is right. So let’s just play along with these little games and pretend that we don’t know it’s coming. At the recent media launch of the M235i hacks from Auto Express got talking to “BMW insiders” (we love those guys) and were told […]

Real photos of the BMW M235i Racing

The we-just-want-one BMW M235i Racing was launched to the media at the Las Vegas International Speedway recently. So here’s a handful of pics showing the car in the flesh for the first time. Follow the source link for larger versions. [Source: Bimmerpost | Thanks to John for the tip]

BMW Motorsport opens M235i Racing order book

BMW Motorsport has made order documents available for the track-only M235i Racing. With that comes new images (renders) of the car in its finished form. It looks good. Do want! If you’d like to buy yourself one and race it in the appropriate categories overseas you’ll need to pony up 25% of the €59,500 asking […]

VIDEO: BMW M235i Racing on track

If the thought of a BMW M235i Racing grabs your attention, then here’s a video just for you. It’s little more than teaser clip so don’t go in expecting lots of sideways action or even adrenaline fulled 10/10ths driving. The beauty about this customer racecar is you can buy your own and drive it in […]

BMW M235i Racing is already winning

We all love the new BMW M235i, right. Well, BMW has now given us more reason to love it with the announcement they will be making an M235i Racing customer racecar. Designed initially for use in the Nürburgring 24 hour race and its associated VLN endurance series it is priced from €59,500 (excluding taxes). That’s […]