More BMW M2 speculation

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BMW M2 rendering

We all know that BMW will make an M2 when the time is right. So let’s just play along with these little games and pretend that we don’t know it’s coming.

At the recent media launch of the M235i hacks from Auto Express got talking to “BMW insiders” (we love those guys) and were told a range-topping M2 “makes a lot of sense” (no shit, really).

Where it does get a bit more interesting is when the conversation turned to the very cool track-only M235i Racing and a brief flirtation with making a road going version. The insider said BMW decided no to do that because it would “step on the toes of something else higher up the range.”

And what do you think that might be boys and girls? That’s right, the M2!

We know it’s coming, of course it will be, the real question is when? Not in the immediate future, best to place an each-way bet on 2015 and 2016.

[Source: Auto Express | Rendering: Bimmerpost]