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Chris Harris explains subscription channel /DRIVE+


Chris Harris and his buddies from /DRIVE have just launched their paid YouTube channel /DRIVE+. It will run alongside the free channel we’ve come to know and love, as well as airing the program on NBC.

Harris has explained the move in detail via his PistonHeads blog. Here’s a snippet:

YouTube underwrote two years of DRIVE programming and I loved every minute of it. At the end of 2013 the funding ended and we had to look for ways to keep DRIVE alive…

Remember that rather lovely F40/F50 video we shot at Angelsey? It cost £9,000 to shoot, and despite amassing two million views, to date has grossed us just £4,800. The maths is pretty stark across the board – even the McLaren P1 video has racked up plenty of views, over 3.6 million in fact, but its total revenue is £9,200. That means we’re in profit, but only because it was an official launch event and Woking paid for mine and Neil’s flights, and JF who was second camera used his air miles to get from the US!

It’s a brave new world for online motoring content and while it’s a shame from the punter’s point of view that we have to pay for /DRIVE+ it is a reality I fully understand.

I’ve been running AUSmotive pretty much for the love of it for over six years now. If I didn’t have a full-time paying job I wouldn’t have that luxury. It’s very hard to make a buck in this space.

I wish Harris et al well and hope they’re able to continue providing some of the best motoring content our eyes and ears can enjoy.

There’s an explanatory video and teaser after the break. /DRIVE+ kicks off this week with Harris at the wheel of the LaFerrari.

4 replies on “Chris Harris explains subscription channel /DRIVE+”

One of their biggest problems is geo-blocking. Lots of Europeans have already complained that the channel is not even available in their countries. That’s a big problem for /Drive…

Its an interesting narrative on consumer sense of entitlement. Lots of the American social media commenters are outraged by the $4 per month fee. Most of the Europeans seems to be happy to pay but can’t.

Yep good luck with that Chris. I like your stuff, but not that much. I get everything off the net for free including circumnavigating all the major newspapers blocks too. I’m not about to start paying now. The Internet is free and will be forever, it’s just the way it is. Yeh sure some idiots might pay for his youtube stuff, but he will soon realise it won’t be enough to pay the bills. If he isn’t making money whilst living his hobby and passion everyday, then I guess it’s time to get a real job Chris. Maybe spend less money on Ferrari leases and brand new Ducati Monster leases. Hey also your country side cottage looks pretty expensive and very flash. Also those French Riviera and French countryside holidays don’t look too cheap either. I just can’t stand people who cry poor but live champagne lifestyles. No one should pay for any content on the net. People need to start learning to live within their means, or get out of what they are doing. And for every Chris, a new guy will pop up doing free sh#$ just as well if not better. Nup no sympathy from me, and don’t worry Chris I will get all your content for free too. It’s not hard at all.

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