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VIDEO: BMW X4 v Porsche Macan

BMW X4 xDrive30d M Sport v Porsche Macan S Diesel

If you can stomach the planet’s insatiable desire for SUVs then you’ll be primed for this review from Autocar. It’s the BMW X4 up against the Porsche Macan. Two SUVs likely to polarise opinions on numerous levels, but two SUVs that are likely to be among the best in their class.

Specifically, Autocar has compared a BMW X4 xDrive30d M Sport against a Porsche Macan S Diesel. And at 1895kg and 1880kg respectively these little “small” SUVs have a lot of weight to throw around from their elevated positions.

So, they’ll be crap handlers right?

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Mecan is filling Porsche’s pockets like the Cayenne did years ago when it saved Porsche from its death throws. If it is as good as they say, the many people waiting for delivery will be glad they did.
The X4 is a nice bit of kit. Haters are gunna hate, but so be it! Looks more resolved than X6. It seems to sit better on the road than Mecan, but that’s from the outside, but it would be a hard choice.

The Macan really is as good as they say, but surprisingly, it is the diesel that is the pick of the bunch.

have driven all 3 Mac’s go the turbo for the extra money, once you option up the S, you are up to $110 – 120k so for the extra $20k, the turbo is the one.

p.s. one of the guys that picked up his Diesel on Monday is trading it back in for the turbo.

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