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Ferrari 488 GTB

When Ferrari threw its bash for the press launch of the 488 GTB they saw fit to throw the keys to more than just Chris Harris. So we’ve had a snoop around and found what a few of the usual suspects had to say…

Jethro Bovingdon, Evo: More impressive still is that the chassis not only copes with the power but actually allows you to exploit all of it whenever you so choose. Traction is staggering (the roads were dry for our test) and like the 458 Italia the GTB’s balance is so responsive and yet so calm that you feel free to really enjoy exploring its massive limits.

Steve Sutcliffe, Auto Express: Bottom line, the 488 might be turbocharged and mightn’t sound just as spine tingling as before, but in all other aspects it represents yet another giant leap forwards for Ferrari. It also make you wonder what on earth they are going to come up with next.

Matt Prior, Autocar: The 488 GTB is among the most docile-handling mid-engined cars I’ve driven. It has an astonishingly forgiving chassis, with hardly a hint of understeer early in a corner, and extremely fast but communicative steering, and when it breaks traction, which it does gladly, it adopts a hopelessly easily controlled attitude and then regains grip cleanly and communicatively.

After the break there’s video reviews from those three plus a clip from James May, remember him! Actually, the picture quality of May’s clip is comically bad. The Evo clip is a highlight, starting with a 458 Speciale and F40 for added context.

So, get ready to sit back and enjoy the 30 minutes of 488 waiting for you below.