Porsche Video

On the growl

Alexander Bermudez and his 964 911

Alexander Bermudez is a photographer and car guy. Actually make that Porsche guy. His 964 911 has been featured on Petrolicious twice now. The first time was back in 2013 in a static story and photoshoot; his own photos of course.

Bermudez’s 964 was nicknamed The Growler by one of his mates and when you watch this video you’ll soon learn why. This is a great clip. Not because there’s great technical detail; there’s none. It’s great because it captures the spirit and the simplicity of pure driving.

Watch Bermudez driving in the hills near his home. There’s no mucking about, just driving for driving’s sake.

This has also been captured well with Alexander’s own words: “Because it’s so light, it has the speed and acceleration you’d typically find in the water-cooled cars, and yet, because it’s slightly older and has automatic steering taken out of it, it has really good steering feel.

“The closer you get to the edge, it becomes more comfortable, because it’s telling you exactly what’s going on.”