Lamborghini Video

The marvellous Miura

Lamborghini Miura

Dennis Varni is a pretty interesting guy. Prominent in the US hot rod scene he also discovered European cars and has spent a lifetime building and collecting all things automotive. One of his prized pieces is this Lamborghini Miura.

Speaking to Petrolicious, Varni says of his Miura: “It’s highly collectable, it’s exciting, because it’s unusual, it’s small, it’s exotic—it’s still exotic today. And it was significant in its styling.”

We couldn’t agree more. Enjoy the video after the break.

Porsche Video

On the growl

Alexander Bermudez and his 964 911

Alexander Bermudez is a photographer and car guy. Actually make that Porsche guy. His 964 911 has been featured on Petrolicious twice now. The first time was back in 2013 in a static story and photoshoot; his own photos of course.

Bermudez’s 964 was nicknamed The Growler by one of his mates and when you watch this video you’ll soon learn why. This is a great clip. Not because there’s great technical detail; there’s none. It’s great because it captures the spirit and the simplicity of pure driving.

Watch Bermudez driving in the hills near his home. There’s no mucking about, just driving for driving’s sake.

This has also been captured well with Alexander’s own words: “Because it’s so light, it has the speed and acceleration you’d typically find in the water-cooled cars, and yet, because it’s slightly older and has automatic steering taken out of it, it has really good steering feel.

“The closer you get to the edge, it becomes more comfortable, because it’s telling you exactly what’s going on.”

Citroen Video

Come as you are

Jeff Suhy's Citroen DS

Jeff Suhy one of the guys who helped bring the 1990s grunge phenomenon Nirvana into your world. He’s now pottering about in a delightful Citroën DS. In a small way, with this Petrolicious video, maybe Suhy is once again helping to spread the word of an equally influential icon.

The video’s YouTube description provides a great intro:

Whether it was the hydraulic suspension, the safety features (such as an engine that, on front impact, was designed to slide under the car instead of into the driver’s solar plexus), or the self-leveling headlights that turn with the front wheels, the Citroen DS was remarkably ahead of its time. Indeed, the car was a a true product of the Space Age, when auto manufacturers found themselves awash in technologies that they were itching to use in the wake of World War II. Citroen was ultimately rewarded handsomely for its innovative efforts, selling more than one million DSs over the model’s twenty-year-lifespan.

Motor Shows News

Stunning photography from Silverstone Classic

Photo by Nat Twiss for Petrolicious

The annual Silverstone Classic event is one likely to have revheads salivating the world over. In the word’s of photographer Nat Twiss: “The Silverstone Classic is a massive gathering of classic car lovers from around the UK, and I don’t think there’s a better introduction to the spectacle of vintage metal anywhere else in the world.”

Like us you probably didn’t get there this year either. So we can thank Nat for compiling a wonderful portfolio of images from his visit to Silverstone. Thanks also to Petrolicious for bringing these images to the world, make sure you follow the source link below for more.

[Source: Petrolicious | Pic: Nat Twiss]

Ferrari Video

More curves than Scarlett Johansson

Ferrari 330 P4

And just as beautiful.

This is the Ferrari 330 P4. Petrolicious took on the enviable task of filming the car and having Nick Longhi, a Ferrari Corso Pilota instructor, tell us what it’s like to drive and a bit about the car’s history.

Crafted in 1967, the 330 P4 was built during the height of Enzo Ferrari’s battle for track supremacy with Ford. A grumpy Italian guy taking on the might of Henry Ford. Enzo wanted to win Le Mans with this car. He wasn’t able to do that—Ferrari’s last win at Le Mans was in 1965 with the 250LM—but the 330 P4 did claim an historic 1-2-3 finish at the 1967 Daytona 24 Hour.

Just like Scarlett, too, there’s only one of them in existence.

Ferrari Video

The Ferrari 312PB: A flash of brilliance

Ferrari 312PB

“It’s difficult not to get wrapped up in the noise… It is so beautiful.”

Not much more needs to be said about this Ferrari 312PB featured by Petrolicious. The car in question, powered by a glorious 3.0 litre DOHC V12, was made in 1972 and is one of the last sportscar prototypes made by Ferrari before the company began to concentrate its motorsport activities more heavily on Formula 1.

The 312PB won at some of the world’s most noted racetracks, including Brands Hatch, Daytona and the Nürburgring. It was driven by racing luminaries such as Mario Andretti, Jacky Ickx, Ronnie Peterson, Brian Redman, Clay Regazzoni, Carlos Reutemann and even Australia’s own Tim Schenken.

And now, this example, is brought to us as a flash of brilliance in a desolate California landscape.

Datsun Video

Dare to be different

Datsun 240Z

Following a couple of requests from the 911 video we posted last week here is the Datsun 240Z featured by Petrolcious late last year.

The 240Z is a classic sports car from a classic era for the genre. A time when rules were still being defined and expectations were still being explored. In many ways the legacy of a classic car can be measured by the number of times it is referenced by cars made well after the original hit the streets. Yep, the 240Z has a superb legacy.

We like this quote, first published by Car and Driver in 1970, which has been included in the video’s blurb:

“Datsun didn’t invent the overhead cam engine, or disc brakes, or independent suspension but it has a habit of incorporating these sophisticated systems into brilliantly conceived and easily affordable cars.”


It’s just a flattened Beetle

1968 Porsche 911T

Here at AUSmotive you might have guessed we like most things Porsche. Mostly our passion is for Porsche’s current day cars which are, in our experience, close to perfection. That said, there is something unique about classic cars and, we imagine, that would very much be the case in this 1968 911T featured by Petrolicious. Its Italian owner, Donato Maniscalco, tells us what it’s like to own such a car in the land of prancing horses.


Petrolicious does the Porsche 911

Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS

Petrolicious makes fine automotive videos. They cover all sorts of cars, although most are old skool hero cars, which are being given a new lease of life thanks childhood dreams now having adult budgets to go with.

Here’s a trio of videos featuring the Porsche 911; old Porsche 911s, when water only cooled the driver.

[Thanks to Adam for the tip]