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Say hello to the BMW M4 GTS

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Hey, remember that wicked orange BMW M3 GTS? Well, good news, the new M4 is getting the GTS treatment too and here’s the video to prove it. As you can see the M4 GTS will get a reworked and more aggressive front end, with a pretty big splitter by the looks. At the back there’ll […]

BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition revealed

BMW has decided to celebrate Marco Wittman‘s DTM championship win with a limited edition M4 model. Called the M4 DTM Champion Edition only 23 will be made, in honour of Wittman’s race number this year. All the cars will be delivered in Alpine White with decals and trim inspired by his Team RMG livery. There’s […]

BMW M4: Initiation ceremony

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Until this year we didn’t know the BMW M4. To help us get to know its new icon a little better BMW has released this introductory video. It’s a pretty cool clip and BMW is to be applauded for embracing its history and its loyal owners. Those of you playing at home may also remember […]

BMW M4: M Performance exhaust preview

As good as BMW is at extracting performance from the engines it makes it is better at extracting money from its customers. So when you make yourself a new hero car, aka the F82 M4, it doesn’t make economic sense to put the best exhaust you have in your parts bin on the car at […]

VIDEO: BMW M4 v Porsche 911 Carrera

Evo magazine has taken to the picturesque Anglesey Circuit with a brand new BMW M4 and pitched it against a Porsche 911 Carrera. The M4 (née M3) v 911 debate is one that’s been around for years now. Two cars that compete against each other in the minds of revheads even though they don’t really […]

BMW M4 makes unofficial debut in Detroit

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When you save the public debut of your hero car for a major car show you probably want it seen first on your stand under the bright lights and in a controlled environment. For BMW that moment has been lost thanks to this spy shot showing a brand new BMW M4 on the streets of […]

BMW M4 spotted in Sakhir Orange

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We’ve already seen a new BMW M3 in Yas Marina Blue, now here’s your first look at the M4 coupé in Sakhir Orange. The new M3/M4 will be offered in a total of eight colours, listed below with their corresponding codes: Alpine White (300) Mineral Grey Metallic (B39) Black Sapphire Metallic (475) Sakhir Orange Metallic […]

BMW M4 technical animation

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If you missed Wednesday’s release of technical guff for the new BMW F82 M4 you can see it all presented here in this whiz bang animation.

No manual gearbox for new BMW M4?

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Word on the street is the new F82 BMW M4 will be sold exclusively with a double clutch transmission. That follows the path started by the F10 M5; although, in an odd turn of events, you can buy an M5 with a manual box in North America. Anyway, having no manual in the new M4 […]

This definitely is the new BMW M4

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Following the leaked image of the BMW M4 Concept comes this spy photo of an M4 prototype. Just stop and look at it, take it in for a moment. In that all black prototype get up it looks sensational, don’t you think. Thankfully, with minimal disguise, it’s now much easier to appreciate the shape and […]

Is this the new BMW M4?

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You’re looking at a concept version of the all-new BMW M4. At least that’s the claim from Belgian website Auto55 who also says the F82-based M4 Concept will be on show in Frankfurt next month. If nothing else it is the same colour as the car featured in the official video preview we got from […]

2014 BMW M4 gets the p-chop treatment

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The recent release of the BMW 4 Series Concept Coupe has inspired pixel magicians WildSpeed to have a crack at rendering the forthcoming F82 M4. Already they’ve presented us with their interpretation for the M3. So, really, it was just a simple task of transferring one to the other. Well, we’re sure it would have […]