No manual gearbox for new BMW M4?

BMW Concept M4

Word on the street is the new F82 BMW M4 will be sold exclusively with a double clutch transmission. That follows the path started by the F10 M5; although, in an odd turn of events, you can buy an M5 with a manual box in North America. Anyway, having no manual in the new M4 should not really be a surprise, but it’s still a shame to see the further demise of one of the simplest ways to involve man and machine.

After the Concept M4 debuted recently you might have thought we’d be seeing the car in Frankfurt next month, perhaps accompanied with more technical info, such as confirmation of the engine configuration. Unfortunately, it looks like we might have to wait until 2015 with reports suggesting the production M4 will debut at January’s Detroit Motor Show.

[Source: Autoblog]

3 replies on “No manual gearbox for new BMW M4?”

No manual.. no care.

I’m pretty sure there will be. Why offer the M5 with one and not the M3.

Bimmer post seems to be disputing this rumour, a number of vids they have sound pretty “manualish”.

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