BMW Concept M4 GTS revealed

BMW Concept M4 GTS

BMW turned up to Monterey Car Week with this Concept M4 GTS. It’s a preview of a harder core M4, it’s still a road car but it will have more of a track focus.

Mostly we’ve got a lot of photos and not much technical detail. We do know that the turbocharged six cylinder engine will feature a water injection system designed to reduce the temperature of the air in the intake manifold. In turn this allows increased boost pressure for the turbo leading to improved peak power and torque.

The system has been fitted and tested on the Safety Car used for the MotoGP series and clearly BMW is happy with the results so far.

For extra bling the rear lights on the Concept M4 GTS feature OLED technology. The compact installation height of the lights along with the ability to illuminate individual light modules independently offers a few tricks for designers.

Overall we reckon this concept looks pretty good. The reworked aero package is not too over the top and the rear wing is almost tasteful. Check out the images below and see what you think.


BMW Australia heavily discounts M3/M4 LCI models


BMW Australia is now taking orders for M3 and M4 LCI (life-cycle impulse) models and has taken the knife to pricing, while adding additional standard features as well.

When originally launched down under list pricing for the F80 M3 was $156,900 and the F82 M4 was priced from $166,900. Those prices have now been reduced to $139,900 and $149,900 respectively. Meanwhile, the M4 convertible has also been discounted to $161,900.

Additional standard equipment includes items such as head-up display, adaptive LED headlights, internet connectivity, tyre pressure monitor, full leather merino upholstery and more.

Shawn Ticehurst, BMW Group Australia Head of Product and Market Planning, is very happy with this news.

“More value, more technology and more refinement. That is what we are delivering with this update to the BMW M3 and BMW M4,” Ticehurst said.

“The growth of the BMW M range has been a fantastic success story for our brand, particularly in 2015. And over the first seven months of this year, we have already surpassed our total sales result for 2014.”

We wonder how happy those buyers will be who paid an extra 15-large for lesser equipped M3s and M4s?

Funnily enough, the M3 and M4 are now priced just below the Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 range.

The facelifted models will be on sale locally from October. There’s more detail below.

BMW Video

Say hello to the BMW M4 GTS

BMW M4 GTS prototype

Hey, remember that wicked orange BMW M3 GTS? Well, good news, the new M4 is getting the GTS treatment too and here’s the video to prove it.

As you can see the M4 GTS will get a reworked and more aggressive front end, with a pretty big splitter by the looks. At the back there’ll be the obligatory and stupidly sized rear wing. Expect a fair portion of the interior to get chucked out, too, in a bid to shed weight.

It remains to be seen if the 3.0 inline six will get a serious makeover or if the BMW M GmbH boffins will simply turn up the wick on the turbos to create the extra 30kW or so it’s likely to have over the standard car’s 317kW.

BMW Motorsports

BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition revealed

BMW M4 DTM Champions Edition

BMW has decided to celebrate Marco Wittman‘s DTM championship win with a limited edition M4 model. Called the M4 DTM Champion Edition only 23 will be made, in honour of Wittman’s race number this year.

All the cars will be delivered in Alpine White with decals and trim inspired by his Team RMG livery. There’s no comment on pricing in BMW’s brief press release, but, of course, you can expect it to cost plenty more than your standard M4. Also, with such low numbers, we can’t see this model being sold outside of Germany.

BMW Video

BMW M4: Initiation ceremony


Until this year we didn’t know the BMW M4. To help us get to know its new icon a little better BMW has released this introductory video.

It’s a pretty cool clip and BMW is to be applauded for embracing its history and its loyal owners. Those of you playing at home may also remember the preview of this video we brought you a few weeks ago.

That M Performance exhaust sure does sound good!

BMW Video

You can be my wingman any time

BMW F82 M4

Word has come our way confirming the first batch of Australian-delivered BMW M3s and M4s have just arrived by boat. If you’re one of those lucky few with your name on one of those cars we hope the wait until delivery day is not too painful.

We also hope your car’s journey was a little more sedate than this boat trip brought to us by BMW Canada.


Would you like to see a four-cylinder M3?

BMW F82 M4 and E30 M3

At the recent press launch of the new M3/M4 it emerged that the next-generation models could be powered by a four-cylinder engine. The original E30 M3 was fitted with a 2.3 litre four-pot, of course, filled with as much character as it was power, so this wouldn’t be anything new. But since then we’ve seen a six cylinder engine and V8 powering the M3, before a return to a 3.0 litre straight six in the new models.

Marketing, as much as the chase for greater power, would have influenced M GmbH to increase cylinder count in previous models. And in a funny way if there is a return to a four-cylinder engine for the hero models, marketing forces could once again be at play.

Speaking to at the launch of the F80/F82 Carsten Pries, BMW M Division Head of Product Management, said: “We do not start our design process with a power output in mind. We have a set of characteristics that a new model must meet. For sure, you could see a future [M3] powered by a four-cylinder engine.”

He went on to explain that the trend for reducing weight in future models could mean a four cylinder is sufficient for the next-gen M3, which would not be launched until 2020 or thereabouts.

“Performance can be boosted with more power, but if we are to address issues like emissions and consumption, we have to look more at weight. We decided in this generation to address the [upward] weight spiral,” added Pries.

“If we have a car with less mass, it is foreseeable that the targets we set could be reached with a four.”

Fast forward to 2020 and you can see it now: “The new M3: So light we could reduce the size of the engine and still make it faster!”

Similarly, if the marketing boffins felt that the buying audience wouldn’t go for a smaller engine you can bet the next-gen M3 will be powered by a six. So what do you think, would you be happy if the next M3/M4 was powered by a four-pot? Can four-play be better than six?



Official BMW Australia M3/M4 pricing

2014 BMW M4 Coupe

In line with our exclusive information from mid-April BMW has finally released official pricing and specs for the new M3 and M4. You can read the press release after the break. Before you do, a reminder on the manufacturer’s list pricing:

  • BMW M3 Sedan: $156,900
  • BMW M4 Coupé: $166,900

BMW Australia expected to price M3 from $160,000

BMW M3/M4 Australian pricing estimate


Australian pricing details for the new BMW M3 and M4 have found their way to us. According to the material we have these are “indicative prices” only:

  • BMW M3 Sedan: $160,000 (estimated)
  • BMW M4 Coupé: $170,000 (estimated)

Those estimated figures include GST and LCT and will be finalised towards the end of the month. Build allocations for the Australia-bound F80 M3 and F82 M4 will commence with May 2014 production.

Here’s a selected list of optional equipment, including GST and LCT:

  • 19″ M light alloy wheels double-spoke 437 M, Black – $500
  • M Carbon ceramic brakes – $15,000
  • Adaptive LED headlights – $2,360
  • 6-speed manual transmission – No cost option

Further details are available after the break.


BMW M4 makes unofficial debut in Detroit


When you save the public debut of your hero car for a major car show you probably want it seen first on your stand under the bright lights and in a controlled environment. For BMW that moment has been lost thanks to this spy shot showing a brand new BMW M4 on the streets of Detroit.

We’ll have more from BMW at the Detroit Auto Show as the week progresses.

[Source: Bimmerpost]


2014 BMW M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe revealed

2014 BMW M3 Sedan

BMW has now come good with info on its new M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe. We’re entering the fifth generation of this iconic model, but it’s the first in the “M4” era and also the first time the M3 has featured a turbocharged engine, although returning to a straight six configuration.

For the purposes of ease let’s just refer to the two models collectively as the M3, which is now around 80kg lighter than the outgoing V8 model. The standard 6-speed manual gearbox sheds 12kg and includes automatic throttle blipping for downshifts. While the 7-speed DCT, now 40% lighter, features a “Smokey Burnout” feature. No, that’s not a joke:

The Smokey Burnout function allows the driver to indulge in a degree of rear wheel spin while the car is moving at low speeds.

Sending power to the rear wheels is still a key feature of the M3 and BMW has helped control the car’s 317kW by including an Active M Differential. The system ties in with DSC to ensure wheel spin is reduced. In addition, the M Dynamic Mode allows a degree of hooliganism before DSC intervenes to restore order.

The drive for lower fuel consumption sees electromechanical steering make an appearance on the M3 and it features three settings: Comfort, Sport and Sport+. These settings are also complemented with the optional Adaptive M suspension.

BMW says the tailor-made engine provides “smooth and efficient power delivery, very sharp response and reduced fuel consumption and emissions.” Thanks largely to the design of its mono-scroll turbochargers, direct injection and BMW’s well developed Double-VANOS continuously variable camshaft timing.

Weight reduction has been aided by both the Sedan and Coupe having a carbon fibre reinforced plastic roof. A CFRP strut brace in the engine bay not only increases rigidity but also saves 1.5kg compared with the old M3.

Trivia buffs will take note in the fact that production will be split across two facilities. The M4 Coupe will be built at the company’s headquarters in Munich, while the M3 Sedan will be built 120kms to the north at Plant Regensburg.

Before you sink your teeth into the detailed info below, here’s the key stats:

2014 F80 M3 / F82 M4 key stats

  • Engine: 2979cc six cylinder with two mono-scroll turbochargers
  • Power: 317kW (431hp) @ 5500–7300rpm
  • Torque: 550Nm @ 1800–5500rpm
  • Weight (unladen): 1520kg sedan; 1497kg coupé (add 40kg for DCT)
  • Brakes (front): Four-piston fixed-calliper disc brakes / inner-vented, perforated
  • Brakes (rear): Twin-piston fixed-calliper disc brakes / inner-vented, perforated
  • Tyres: 255/40 ZR18 95Y (front); 275/40 ZR18 99Y (rear)
  • Wheels: 9.0J x 18 light-alloy (front); 10.0J x 18 light-alloy (rear)
  • 0-100km/h: 4.3s (manual); 4.1s (DCT)
  • 0-1000m: 22.2s (manual); 219.s (DCT)
  • Top speed: 250km/h (limited)
  • Fuel consumption (combined): 8.8l/100km (manual); 8.3l/100km (DCT)
  • CO2 emissions: 204g/km (manual); 194g/km (DCT)
  • Emission rating: EU6

UPDATE: BMW Australia tells us the M3/M4 is due to arrive early in Q3 next year. List pricing yet to be confirmed, but appears anyone fearing a journey beyond a $200K list price can rest easy.


2014 BMW M3/M4 shown off in video

2014 BMW M4

Auto Bild has published a short video on the new BMW M3 and M4. The voiceover is in German, of course, but if you press the right buttons you can get some hamfisted English translations spat across your screen.

Official text and images are likely to appear from BMW in the next 24 hours and the car will make its public debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month.