Numero uno

If an Italian family of coachbuilders with a history of working on Ferraris can’t be immune from the Porsche disease then who can be? There’s nothing spectacular about this latest video from Petrolicious, but it captures the intangible feeling revheads from across the globe have for their cars. And who wouldn’t love to have a […]

Porsche 356: Made by hand

Here’s a wonderful YouTube discovery, an official documentary showcasing the production of the Porsche 356. Which, in the opinion of AUSmotive, is one of the most beautiful pieces of automotive designs ever produced. According to the YouTube caption the doco was filmed at Zuffenhausen in the early 1960s. The Super 90 engine is discussed and […]

1963 Porsche 356C cutaway graphic

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While googling away for some AUSringers articles I came across this interesting graphic of a 1963 model Porsche 356C (click on the image above for a 2450x870px version). I especially like the comment that reads, “Note leg room—comfortable even for the man who is well over six feet tall.” Quite how a woman over six […]