Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Sportwagon rendering

Let’s keep the Alfa Romeo Giulia loving humming along for a moment more with this very cool Sportwagon image created by Dutch designer and engineer Jochem Hinloopen. This is great work Jochem, thank you! Alfa will make a hot Sportwagon version won’t they?! [Source: twitter | Thanks to Chris for the tip]

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV launch coverage

If you’re still loving the revelation of the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV here’s a selection of images and a video from yesterday’s launch. Full details are yet to be revealed but we can see that a 6-speed manual will be available. Hooray for Alfa! We also know the rear tyres on the hot QV […]

Alfa Romeo shows off the new Giulia

Alfa Romeo is celebrating its 105th birthday and to do so they have given us the first look at the very, very appealing new Giulia. The company logo has been modernised and the company museum in Arese has re-opened and is ready for Alfisti from all over the world to come and enjoy. Back to […]

The best news you will hear from Alfa Romeo. Ever!

Car magazine brings word of some great news from Italian icons Alfa Romeo. In fact we’re not sure you’ll hear anything better than this as far as Alfa is concerned. Yep, it’s even better, on the whole, than anything to do with the gorgeous 4C. Fiat-Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne, hopes to reach 300,000 annual sales […]