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Seven seconds away

Here’s a story of some old fashioned Aussie persistence from the 2013 Drag Week event held in the United States. John Faraone and his crew from Perth shipped over their mega crazy 9.4 litre V8 turbocharged Valiant Charger to compete in the busy schedule and what must be one of the ultimate run what you […]

Auto Union to rule the world?

Suddenly last week’s story that the Volkswagen Group could rebrand itself as Auto Union now makes a lot more sense. Automotive News reports Volkswagen is considering a takeover of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). It’s a move that’s been largely interpreted as means for Ferdinand Piech to achieve his aim of making the Volkswagen Group the […]

The best news you will hear from Alfa Romeo. Ever!

Car magazine brings word of some great news from Italian icons Alfa Romeo. In fact we’re not sure you’ll hear anything better than this as far as Alfa is concerned. Yep, it’s even better, on the whole, than anything to do with the gorgeous 4C. Fiat-Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne, hopes to reach 300,000 annual sales […]

Chrysler Australia to take on Alfa Romeo and Fiat distribution

The association with the Ateco Group and Alfa Romeo and Fiat, which began 15 years ago, will come to an end on 1 May. Distribution for the two Italian marques will then fall under the banner of subsidiary company Chrysler Australia. All Alfa Romeo and Fiat dealerships around the country will also come under the […]

Volkswagen “seriously interested” in Alfa Romeo

Volkswagen’s quest to grab the world’s biggest car maker title from Toyota has taken a new twist with news it wants to buy Alfa Romeo. It’s all a bit like shcoolyard secrets at the moment, though, with executives from Volkswagen and Fiat only willing to provide quotes on condition of anonymity. Automotive News Europe says […]