Range Rover Sport SVR revealed

As the irrepressible march of SUV demand continues racetracks have become the new offroad. That much is evidenced by this angry face, photographed at Silverstone, screaming “get out of my f@#king way!” That face belongs to the Range Rover Sport SVR and behind that snarl you’ll find a 405kW/680Nm 5.0 litre supercharged V8 designed not […]

Range Rover Sport SVR claims Nürburgring record

8 minutes 14 seconds. That’s how fast that Range Rover Sport SVR above was able to lap the 20.832km of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. That’s pretty quick for a truck. Actually, it’s pretty bloody quick for any vehicle. According to the unofficial list for unofficial production car lap times the Sport SVR has split the Mercedes-Benz […]

New York 2013: Range Rover Sport revealed

Officially, this time, here is the all-new Range Rover Sport, fresh from its debut at the New York Auto Show. While the Sport was developed in conjunction with the Range Rover the Sport model shares only 25% of parts with its established sibling. The all-new Range Rover Sport is lighter than its predecessor, up to […]

All-new Range Rover Sport accidentally revealed

Range Rover will be launching its all-new Sport model at the New York Auto Show on 26 March. They’ve gone to some lengths to promote the reveal, setting up a dedicated website and asking twitterists to use the #NewRangeRoverSport hashtag. So how do you reckon the top brass at Range Rover are feeling now that […]