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Top Gear – Series 11 teasers

TopGear logoRecent reports about the new episodes of Top Gear have fans even more excited about the series return on 22 June. From the Top Gear blog, Andy Wilman, the show’s Executive Producer, says “most exciting for me is that we’ve finally come up with another big race – you know, car versus something or other … this one is back to basics, more hardcore, mega car, mega opponent, with a solid premise. And a clue for the geeks: we did it in Japan.” My tip is it will feature the Mazda Furai, or a Nissan GT-R. Or both, perhaps!

Giving further clues as to what we can expect Wilman states, “we go to war, literally, with a German version of Top Gear (which incidentally means Sabine is back) and there’s a very exciting shootout with the RS6 against the most suicidal of skiers”

One thing that Wilman doesn’t state, however, is the Veyron feature filmed in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. This has been revealed on the Releaselog website, which has a few spy shots of the the Stig captured during the shoot.

All in all, it is shaping up to be a great series, or at least, the fans hope it will be. So far there has been nothing to indicate anyone will be disappointed. Keep reading AUSmotive for more updates, or check in to the FinalGear forums for more leads.