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A lap of Spa-Francorchamps with Robert Kubica

I’ve been waiting for to load this clip all week—now they have and it’s only a computer generated lap of Spa! They usually use real in-car footage. Never mind, it’s a great track any way you look at it. Mind, as a commentator BMW-Sauber’s Robert Kubica makes a great racing driver.

See you on the couch late into the night this weekend. Rain is predicted, as usual, the championship race is very tight, so we have the makings of a cracking race. Hold on tight!

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Let’s hope so. There’s been some great moves at Spa over the years, with any luck the predicted rain will bring some unpredictable and balls out driving from the field.

Don’t they always use CG footage for these features? I’ve only watched Montreal and Monaco so far, both of which are CG. Perhaps you couldn’t tell the difference, it’s pretty realistic 😛

Can’t wait for this race, it’s also great to see Ch10 ramping up their coverage this year. I still can’t quite believe they’re showing qualifying plus a build-up program running for over two whole hours before the race actually starts Sunday night…

Who’d of ever thought we’d get this kind of coverage!

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