2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI at the Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show was the official reveal for the MkVI Golf GTI Concept. Here’s a couple of short YouTube clips from (above) and Edmunds InsideLine (after the jump) filmed in Paris. There’s nothing really new in these clips, but it’s still good to get a closer look at what is shaping to be another great GTI from Volkswagen.

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Wow, I’d really love to get one of these!

Though given an Oct 09 USA release, it will probably appear in Singapore showrooms in about December 2010 with a pricetag of $150k. Hooray. 🙁

Don’t think we’ll get them in Australia until the 2nd quarter of 2010, but I expect they’ll be a bit less than the SGD equivalent, haha.

Yum. My only concern is that a conservative price estimate of 22,000 UK Pounds currently equates to around A$53,600 *cryface*

Hopefully VW Aus will continue the tradition of foreign brand importers and give us the best possible price… er, right?

Well, I was amazed that the Mk5 came in at AU$39,990. It is a much better car than the one it replaced, list price for the Mk4 GTI I bought in early 2001 was $41K, although the list price did dropped to around $37K when the Mk4 GTI was in runout mode.

Remember list pricing in the UK for the Mk5 was around £20K, so on that basis, I think VW Australia appreciates that keeping as close to that $40K barrier is important for the GTI given the car’s competition.

Fingers crossed!

The front end is not as good looking or as aggressive in it’s stance as the MKV but other than that it looks ok!

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