Lets do the time warp again


The Volkswagen Golf VI has been criticised for being too small a jump from the previous generation V. For motoring enthusiasts, the relevance of this criticism will hold strongest in the hero GTI model. Seeing as I was busy when the recent launch took place on the French Riveria we’ll have to make do with reading the thoughts of those who were there.

Drivers Republic are right up there in terms of holding credibility in the motoring hack segment. You can be assured that they will tell it like it is. As an unashamed GTI fan, I’m hoping they give the car a big thumbs up.

The above photo shows the lads didn’t hold back in putting the car through it’s paces. And the blacktop in which the car was tested also left nothing to chance, with a series of switchbacks and flowing curves.

So, is the new GTI a step forward, or a jump to the left? Find out for yourself…

(Thanks to Chris for the tip.)