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VIDEO: Island’s in the dream

Evo magazine brings us another dream nomination for the world’s best driving road. It now seems we can forget everything we know on this subject and start setting our sights and sunglasses towards the Spanish island of Majorca. Following up from the earlier nomination in Romania, Henry Catchpole grabs the keys to a Porsche Boxster […]

VIDEO: The road best travelled

Henry Catchpole from Evo took a Jaguar F-Type V8 to Romania in search of the country’s best driving road. Well, actually, he’s looking for the world’s best driving road, but it will make more sense after you’ve watched the clip. You might think you know how this ends, but you probably don’t. This is a […]

AUSmotive’s summer road trip

I spent Christmas with family in Adelaide and figured it was a good opportunity to embark on long road trip from my home in Canberra with the goal of taking in some of the best driving roads Australia has to offer. Most I had driven before, some I hadn’t, regardless I was looking forward to […]

The Great Ocean Road

Discovering a winding stretch of black top that takes your mind away from the chores of daily life and allows you to enjoy motoring freedom is, pretty much, what driving is all about. You might be behind the wheel of the latest and greatest from Modena, the finest from Stuttgart, a Golf GTI, perhaps. Maybe […]