BMW Australia wants to secure M3 GTS


BMW Australia is getting excited about selling its 1000th V8 powered M3. So, the press release below says, anyway. But here at AUSmotive we can grab a minor comment and make a screaming headline out of it as well as anyone else.

And so it was the closing comment from BMW Australia managing director Stavros Yallouridis that grabbed my attention.

“If it is available for our market and sufficient customers are interested we will make every endeavour to bring the M3 GTS to Australia.”

Go on BMW fans, get down to your local dealer and demand the M3 GTS comes to our shores. You know it makes sense.


Controversial Switch from Straight-Six to V8 Proves Popular

Purists cried foul when BMW controversially switched from its famous in-line six-cylinder engine to V8 power for the latest generation M3.

Then they drove the car. Then they bought it – in record numbers.

BMW M, the luxury maker’s performance arm, has confirmed it will deliver the 1,000th M3 in Australia powered by a V8 engine in the coming weeks.

“The M3 is the bona fide benchmark in its segment,” says BMW managing director Stavros Yallouridis.

“Customers adored the straight-six M3, so it was understandable the switch to a high-revving V8 concept would be closely scrutinised. Some sceptics even predicted the downfall of the M3 – until they drove it.

“Fortunately, BMW M engineers are not bound by dogma. There are no sacred cows. They knew reputations can be difficult to live up to and the M3’s iconic status raised the stakes even further.

“The final result has not disappointed. Driving the new M3, customers quickly realised it had not lost any of its charm.

“On the contrary, revving to 8,400 rpm, the V8-powered M3 is one of the most addictive cars you can drive on a racetrack. Yet in the evening it can take four people to dinner in style,” he says.

In Australia, the M3 is the first choice among enthusiasts in its market segment.

In just over two years, the new generation M3 has been delivered to 973 customers, and is on course to become the most successful iteration of the car ever. Based on the monthly sales rate, someone will purchase the 1,000th V8-powered M3 in the coming weeks.

By comparison, it took the previous E46 generation M3 seven years to reach a total of 1,579 cars. Sales of the earlier E36 generation M3 culminated in 890 cars after eight years.

Since the new M3 arrived in Australia, Mercedes-Benz delivered 772 examples of the C 63 AMG. The corresponding figures for the Audi RS 4 and Lexus IS F are 129 and 158.

Australia’s fascination with the BMW M3 will not end anytime soon.

For customers interested in a clubsport hand-built special, the company has announced the BMW M3 GTS. Yallouridis says the company is currently investigating the possibility of bringing the car to Australia.

“If it is available for our market and sufficient customers are interested we will make every endeavour to bring the M3 GTS to Australia,” he says.

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Don’t but a BMW via BMW Finance even through your PTY Ltd Company! BMW will gladly set the repo man on you if you miss 2 payments (even after 15 years of custom). Must be the invisible economic downturn.? It’s Audi all the way for me from now on.. up yours BMW !

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