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Jealous, much

Chris Harris drives BMW M3 GTS, Mercedes C63 AMG Black and Porsche GT3 RS 4 litre

Chris Harris has just filed a video that must remind him, and certainly us, what a lucky sod he is sometimes. Never mind he has awoken his own Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 from its winter slumber to take part in this three-piece fantasy; the other two cars are just as fine and just as desirable. Well, almost.

The BMW M3 GTS indulges in some ultra violence with its bright clockwork orange paintwork, while the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series is not backing away from the dark side of the force with a matt black exterior.

Look, like us, you could probably save yourself from the bother and take the RS 4.0, leave the other two behind, and just be done with it. After all, it will be the one genuinely true icon from the three cars assembled. But, life is about the journey, not the destination, and so of course we’d grab the opportunity to test all three on road and empty race track.

We doubt you’ll have your opinions altered with this video, but we think you’ll enjoy the ride. We’re just jealous we weren’t there to experience it too!


BMW M3 GTS – Technical specifications


A couple of weeks ago BMW released news saying the M3 GTS was ready for its market launch. Overnight they released a set of technical specifications. You can download those specs after the break.

The GTS has an increased capacity 4.4 litre V8 producing 331kW. It has BMW’s latest 7-speed DCT transmission, to offer lightning quick gear changes. BMW say it can reach 100km/h in 4.4 seconds, that it can cover the standing kilometre in 22.5 seconds and go on to reach a v-max of 305km/h. To break it down further the M3 GTS asks each kilowatt to carry around 4.6kg. Its engine produces 75.9kW per litre.

They are some tidy numbers, but the only number that counts for Australian readers is 0. That is the total amount of M3 GTS models BMW have assigned for our market. It’s not a lot is it! Especially when you consider Car Advice reports around 30-40 M3 GTS examples will now be built in right hand drive. This is in contrast to original news that said the M3 GTS would be left-hand drive only.

However, we can thank our wonderful Australian Design Rules for ensuring the M3 GTS will not be sold down under. BMW Australia spokesman Piers Scott told Car Advice, “unfortunately, Australia’s ADRs prevent us from being able to licence it here,” explaining, “that it’s too loud and too low.”

This is rather disappointing given the aim of BMW M GmbH, according to its CEO, Dr Kay Segler, was to, “develop a model variant that would prove its outstanding potential both on the road and at club sport racing events.”

Bureaucracy strikes again! C’est la vie. More pics, words and a video can be seen below.


BMW Australia wants to secure M3 GTS


BMW Australia is getting excited about selling its 1000th V8 powered M3. So, the press release below says, anyway. But here at AUSmotive we can grab a minor comment and make a screaming headline out of it as well as anyone else.

And so it was the closing comment from BMW Australia managing director Stavros Yallouridis that grabbed my attention.

“If it is available for our market and sufficient customers are interested we will make every endeavour to bring the M3 GTS to Australia.”

Go on BMW fans, get down to your local dealer and demand the M3 GTS comes to our shores. You know it makes sense.


BMW M3 GTS video – you’ll like this


BMW have been overwhelmed by to the response to their original teaser video for the M3 GTS, so much so, that they wrote to AUSmotive asking to ease the burden by showing you two new clips.

The first starts off with a bit of track action before going into to full PR mode. The second, however, could be straight out of a Top Gear film, with lashing of super slo-mo and trick focusing effects.

Well, what are you waiting for, check the vids out now after the jump.


Clockwork Orange


If you’re in the mood for a bit of the old ultra-violence at your next track day, then perhaps you might like to engage yourself in BMW’s latest weapon—the M3 GTS. You can watch a teaser clip after the jump, and I’m sure you’ll agree it would have been better if the soundtrack featured a bit of Ludwig Van.

But never mind all that, what does this M3 have that others don’t? Well, actually, it’s more a case of what the GTS doesn’t have, given that the interior has been stripped out. There’s lightweight seats, plastic windows and a half cage for starters.

BMW’s M boffins have also played around under the skin offering coilover suspension and serious braking power, with six-pot calipers up front, and four-pots at the rear. A very tidy titanium exhaust will be found underneath the car, as well.

Of course, you can’t miss the bright orange paintwork, which is complemented by matt black detailing in the form of aerodynamic plastic bits. And all this is set off nicely by gorgeous 19″ alloys. Perfect!

Well, almost, despite all the dieting, the car still tips the scales at 1490kg, some 165kg lighter than a regular M3 coupé. But with 450bhp available, through a 7-speed M dual clutch transmission, the car is sure to get along quite rapidly without too much bother.

The M3 GTS will be built to order, with initial deliveries for Germany only commencing in May 2010. Customers wanting to indulge themselves in this lovely bit of kit will have to swap €115,000 with the BMW M production workshop.

Apparently there’s going to be more on this car from BMW over the weekend, so set your clocks and stay tuned for the next update. If you can’t wait to read the latest on AUSmotive, there’s plenty more to keep you occupied at the M-power website.

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UPDATE: Press release from BMW added below.