Kimi Raikkonen wants WRC challenge

Kimi Raikkonen

There’s an interesting interview with WRC-bound Kimi Raikkonen over at The Red Bulletin website. Despite claiming he could return to F1 at a time of his choosing Kimi gives the indication his WRC debut cannot come soon enough.

“It’s definitely the biggest challenge yet. I’ve got to learn everything from scratch. But I want the challenge. I have to get to know the car, the rallies, how to work with my co-driver [Kai Lindström], everything. I’m looking forward to it,” Raikkonen continued, “I’m finding a bit of the young Kimi in me again.”

With rumours that Raikkonen’s new found connections with Red Bull could spell doom and gloom for Mark Webber, the following comments won’t exactly put Webber’s mind at ease, but they won’t have him trembling with fear either, “I could get an F1 drive again any time, but lots of bad things are happening in F1. Manufacturers are pulling out. Let’s have the same conversation in a year’s time. Let’s look way into the future.”

The article is definitely worth checking out as Kimi covers a number of topics, including his first rallying experience, a startling inability to name one F1 highlight (“I’d find it difficult to pick a single moment from the last nine years”) and much more.

[Source: The Red Bulletin]