Audi RS5 to debut at Geneva. Promise!

Audi RS5

Yes, okay, any post speculating on the debut of the Audi RS5 is going to look a little bit foolish given the previous prediction of an Essen debut failed to materialise. However, if we take a look back to 2008 we can see that AUSmotive is not the first site to go hard with an RS5 tip and get it wrong.

Anyway, the new word I have been given is the RS5 will be revealed at the Geneva Auto Salon next month. The show is open to the public from 4–14 March, so if this latest mail is correct, we should know for sure in a around two weeks, as Audi will most likely release details to the assembled media a day or so prior to the public opening.

All other details should remain as reported last October. So, expect the RS5 to be powered by a normally aspirated V8, labelled 4.2 FSI HDZ. The 4163cc engine should be good for 330kW (450PS) and at initial launch the car will be offered with a 7 speed S tronic transmission only. The RS5 should be good for a 4.6 second 0-100km/h sprint.

As good as the RS5 should be, this new model may come at the cost of the über RS4. AUSmotive understands there are no plans at Ingolstadt to build an RS4 on the B8 platform. I really hope that information is wrong. The RS4 can trace its roots back to Audi’s first RS model, the RS2 Estate. For that reason, the RS4 should never die.

UPDATE:  There’s a small chance we may hear of concrete RS5 info in around one week from now. Watch this space!

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RS3 is a bit harder to pin down concrete information. I know of one guy who visited Ingolstadt around 4-5 years ago who was told the RS3 “will happen”, haha.

I think it probably will happen, but not on the current 8P platform. So, we’re likely to be 2-3 years away from an RS3, at best.

Well, this is based on what I know/have heard, which may count for very little. 😛

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