A touch of glass

Lexus LFA shatters glass

Lexus have been flogging their LFA supercar on television, billboards and print media of late. Here’s a new gimmick we’re likely to see, in the form of a new TVC (watch it after the jump). There’s no doubting the LFA and its 5.0 litre V10 sounds absolutely fantastic. But do we really care if it can shatter a glass or not? Does it really matter? How many glasses can an LFA break on its way to 200km/h? What is the point?

Or is this simply a chance for Lexus to claim that the LFA can do something better than Ferrari, Porsche and even Mercedes-Benz. Audi, at a pinch, too. Because, price aside, Lexus is going to have its work cut out to convince supercar buyers of those established brands that the LFA offers something better.

Though, to be fair, The Motor Report did tell us last week that all 500 LFAs have been spoken for. Including the five examples bound for Australia. Mind, the latest from Autoblog says you might still be able to secure an LFA if you ask nicely.

With a €370K asking price, one can only imagine the horror of Australian pricing. Based on that Euro figure, you would expect local pricing for the LFA to be north of $600,000!

[via TopGear]

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Why? Its a lexus! Impressive figures, but its like having a high performance camry. Engine is cool, though. 500,000 bucks less and it would make sense…

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