Motor Shows

Tally ho, we’re off to the show!

Salon Prive poster

The organisers of the Salon Privé motor show, the UK’s Luxury Super Car Event and Concours d’Elégance, have just revealed their latest poster. Given the show actually starts next week you might think its a bit late. Fear not, tickets for the exclusive event have already been sold out. The other half shall have to stand atop their motor cars and peer over the fence at London’s Hurlingham Club in Fulham if they want to see the goings on.

Brian James is the creator of the new poster, and jokes aside, he’s come up with a smashing artwork that captures the spirit and mood of the event very well. David Bagley, co-founder of Salon Privé, has given his approval, “Brian’s works are stunning, conveying the spirit of every car and event he portrays. We’re delighted with his interpretation of Salon Privé.”

There’s a preview of the show over at Auto Express and you can see a full version of the poster after the break.

Salon Prive poster