Top Gear

Happy as a Stig in mud

Stig farm

Following the Ben Collins fallout Top Gear are keen to promote the “discovery” of a new Stig farm as reported by The Sun. Apparently der neue Stig is due to be revealed next week when the latest Top Gear Live tour kicks off in London.

A BBC source has said, “Fans don’t know there is a secret farm where we breed lots of different Stigs. We’ve found just the one.”

It still hasn’t been confirmed if Stiggy in the middle will return to the Top Gear television show, but, it’s probably a good money bet to say he/she/it will. I guess we’ll know that when Season 16 starts early next year.

[Source: The Sun]


McLaren Automotive announces One Hyde Park showroom

McLaren Automotive

McLaren Automotive have announced their premier European dealership will be at One Hyde Park in London. The showroom will take up space at the The Residences at Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge. The McLaren MP4-12C is due for release before the middle of 2011 and the McLaren London showroom will open its doors early next year.

Christian Marti, McLaren Automotive’s European Regional Director, said, “One Hyde Park has already established itself as a landmark location in London, and we are both proud and excited to be part of its future success.

“The McLaren London showroom at One Hyde Park will represent everything we strive for at McLaren: great attention to detail, form and function in its visual impact and atmosphere, and a focus on the customers’ requirements.

“We worked incredibly hard to ensure McLaren is represented by the world’s best retailers, and Jardine Motors Group worked incredibly hard to convince us that they were right for us in London. One Hyde Park completes the picture for both of our businesses as we move towards the launch of the 12C and our future range of sports cars.”

More from McLaren after the break.

Motor Shows

Tally ho, we’re off to the show!

Salon Prive poster

The organisers of the Salon Privé motor show, the UK’s Luxury Super Car Event and Concours d’Elégance, have just revealed their latest poster. Given the show actually starts next week you might think its a bit late. Fear not, tickets for the exclusive event have already been sold out. The other half shall have to stand atop their motor cars and peer over the fence at London’s Hurlingham Club in Fulham if they want to see the goings on.

Brian James is the creator of the new poster, and jokes aside, he’s come up with a smashing artwork that captures the spirit and mood of the event very well. David Bagley, co-founder of Salon Privé, has given his approval, “Brian’s works are stunning, conveying the spirit of every car and event he portrays. We’re delighted with his interpretation of Salon Privé.”

There’s a preview of the show over at Auto Express and you can see a full version of the poster after the break.

Formula 1 News Red Bull Racing

London calling

Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing, London, 2010

Red Bull Racing and Mark Webber stunned London commuters early yesterday morning when they took to the streets in a Formula One car. The 6am stunt was part of promotions building up to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on 11 July.

Speaking after his morning commute in the 2009 RB5 racecar Webber said, “Obviously, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity – it’s not every day you get to see the sights of London from an F1 car. This year has once again thrown up some interesting rule changes so any practice the team can get is going to make a difference, no matter where it is.”

I wonder, is a Formula One car exempt from the London congestion charge?

You can see a couple of videos after the jump showing Mark mixing it up with London’s early morning traffic. An interview with Webber is also available on the Red Bull website.

[Source: Red Bull Racing]

Aston Martin

VIDEO: Aston Martin One-77 sighted in London

Aston Martin One-77

This Aston Martin One-77 was recently seen in London’s St James area. It joined a convoy of supercars en route to Silverstone to promote the FIA GT1 Championship. The video clip includes interior shots, as well as views of the car from all angles. Last month the same user who posted this clip to YouTube added another video of a One-77 sitting inside Aston Martin’s Park Lane showroom. Both can be seen below.

Deliveries of the One-77 are not scheduled until mid-year, so this sighting is one of the first on public roads. Powered by a 7.3 litre V12 producing around 520kW (700bhp) Aston’s first proper hyper car will be its quickest model ever capable of top speeds in excess of 350km/h. It will also be one of the company’s most exclusive releases to date, with just 77 models to be made.

[via World Car Fans]

McLaren News

Dream car sells for dream price

McLaren F1 sells at auction for £2.5M

Bit of a catch up post this one. Last October this 1997 McLaren F1 sold at auction in London for £2.5M (AU$5.4M). The sale price was a new record for a McLaren F1 and almost double the estimated sale price. Given the doom and gloom that has followed since you’d reckon the result should remain a record for quite some time.

I’m sure I’m not alone in holding the Macca F1 up as one of the greatest cars ever made. When the car was released I was seduced by its looks, its performance and its aura. Little has changed in the decade and a half since. The F1 still has awe inspiring performance that few cars can match.

I was holding off on posting this article on the off chance my wife had bought it for me for Christmas. Maybe the car has been held up in customs?

Source: autoblog and RM Auctions


Fix It Again Tony

This Fiat van is very unreliable

All publicity is good publicity, right?! Not so, it seems, as this Fiat customer in the UK shows. The disgruntled owner has taken matters into his own hands using sign writing on his 2007 model Doblò to get the message out about his unhappiness. Or as the signage says, “Since new nothing but aggro”! The photo was snapped by eagle eyed London designer Ben Terrett.

Source: Noisy Decent Graphics via autoblog