Jeremy Clarkson on the 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

For every Chris Harris there is a Jeremy Clarkson. That is, for every person who will always find something positive to say about a Porsche 911, there is always someone to find the negative.

Clarkson is well known for his dislike of all things 911, too. This following comment is a perfect example of that, “I don’t remember what sort of 911 I drove first, but I’d heard so many horror stories about the wayward handling that I didn’t dare go more than 4 mph. Which meant I had more time to examine the ridiculously basic dashboard, and the heater controls which appeared to be connected to nothing at all.”

However, has Jeremy seen the light? Maybe be has, “But then along came the new GT3 and I won’t dwell on the whys and the wherefores, but I loved it. Not liked it. Loved it.

“Despite the aesthetic shortfalls, and the fact it’s a 911, this is a great car. It goes round roundabouts like nothing I’ve ever driven. In a test of pure handling and grip, it would be a match for anything. And it only costs £86,000. That’s just shy of half what you’d pay for a Ferrari 458. Half.”

Was the 911 GT3 really able to turn Clarkson’s opinion around 180 degrees? Follow the link below to find out.


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Someone once told me this car is the Holy Grail of sports cars. I hear nothing but positives and superlatives in its adoration. I am itching to find out why. I really am….

I think I know who the someone is!!! Or at least I am sure I have said the same thing. Bring on September! 🙂

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