Ferrari Oh the humanity

Treedom fighter

Ferrari 458 Italia fail

If you had the cash to buy yourself a Ferrari 458 Italia I bet you’d be pretty happy with yourself. What, then, if you drove it into a tree the next day? That’s exactly what happened to this poor 458.

There are some practical lessons we hope we never have to learn. It looks like this guy has just failed Understeer 101. Hero one day, failure the next.

If you can stomach it, there’s some before and after video footage after the jump.

5 replies on “Treedom fighter”

What a wanker, you should do that to an ugly POS like a New Beetle, not the most beautiful new car in the world.

I spotted a 458 here in Prague two times last week – beautiful car, just stunning. Meanwhile, the Italian (judging by the plates) who crashed that one… what an idiot!

I agree what an arse, how bad a driver do you have to be to mount the footpath and hit a tree on the rhs of the car.

he should’ve given the car to me, obviously a car he should never have been allowed to buy

Let alone cross to the wrong side of the road? Money clearly doesn’t buy driving ability

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