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A day in the Swiss Alps with a Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

There’s a little bit too much talking in this video from Evo, but seeing as the subject matter is the truly awesome Ferrari F40 it’s worth listening to.

Henry Catchpole was asked by the Secret Supercar Owner to drive the F40 from Switzerland to the UK and naturally he jumped at the chance. Photographer Dean Smith tagged along and took some stunning pictures, too.

The roads covered look amazing and included the Susten Pass, the Furka Pass and the Grimsel Pass. Even with the F40 being a tough gig to drive this still would have been a remarkable day out.

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Ferrari Video

“I am a Ferrari F40 specialist”

Ferrari F40 in Italia Autosport garage

The title of this piece is a quote from a chap called John Pogson. He’s a mechanic (and a bit more) who owns Italia Autosport and, yes, he specialises in Ferrari F40s and most things from Maranello.

John’s quote above might sound like the words of an arrogant man who doesn’t offer his time lightly. Yet, in this Xcar film at least, he comes across as a humble bloke who just loves cars and happens to be good at what he does, either with a spanner or a steering wheel in his hand.

Then, just when you start to think this guy is a pretty cool dude, he goes and wheels out his 600hp AC Cobra!

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Ferrari Video

Australia, it’s time to vote: F40 or F50?

Ferrari F40 v Ferrari F50

On a day where our Australian readers are heading to the polls to kick out one dimwit for another, it’s our duty to brighten this otherwise most depressing of days. Here’s a choice you won’t dread making and when your vote has been cast you won’t regret it for the next three years, regardless of what you choose.

In truth, of course, we have Chris Harris to thank.

Firstly, his reputation presented him with an opportunity to drive two of Ferrari’s best ever cars, the insanely epic F40 and the improving with age F50.

Secondly, because when he does drive these two icons you are left in no doubt as to how much fun he is having. I’d like to be jealous, but I know I wouldn’t be able to do the justice to this comparison that he has done. Normally, Harris’ strength as a reviewer is to explain the detail about what he is experiencing. Here, though, it’s just kid in a candy store stuff and it is sensational.

He does take the time to delve into the past a little, and we’re ever thankful for that. So, without further ado, here’s Chris’ intro before you watch 20 of the most entertaining minutes of car video you could ever wish to see:

Here goes. Two of the greatest Ferraris thrashed as intended. This was one of the best days of my life.

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VIDEO: Evo’s highway to heaven

Evo's highway to heaven

Henry Catchpole from Evo takes us into a motoring fantasy land with this video:

This test brings together some of the greatest analogue super cars—the ones that make you work hard as a driver, but are hugely rewarding – where we discover what they are all about, and why we love them. The McLaren F1 goes up against the Ferrari F40 and F50, Porsche Carrera GT, Noble M600, Pagani Zonda F and Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV.

There’s nothing further we can add, except to ask. Can you imagine how special, how wonderful and how life changing it would have been to experience those seven cars back to back.

[via motorcentral]

Ferrari Oh the humanity

Rest in pieces

Ferrari F40 crash in Vancouver

This morning we bring you the sad news of the passing of one of the automotive world’s most cherished supercars, the Ferrari F40. The accident happened in Vancouver, Canada, and we understand the driver was returning home from a car show.

While the car is in a serious state it’s been reported that nobody was injured in the incident. We can only hope this F40 has a second coming.

A video showing the aftermath can be seen below.

[Source: WCF | Pic: Nicholl Pictures (click for more)]


25 years of the Ferrari F40 to be celebrated at 2012 Silverstone Classic

Ferrari F40s at Silverstone in 2007

Maybe we’re just getting old, but can you believe the Ferrari F40 is 25 years old already! To celebrate this milestone organisers of the Silverstone Classic are pleased to announce they are on track to have a world record number of iconic F40s on display at their event (July 20–22).

Coordination of the “prance of Ferraris” is being handled by the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain. Club spokesperson Nigel Chiltern-Hunt said: “Our original aim was to get at least 25 of these Ferraris together and, as I have contacted owners, I have been gratified that so many want to be part of the celebration—so much so that we now have more than 50 F40s registered for the event with more still to come!”

“A parade of those F40s present is planned for the Sunday and it undoubtedly will be the largest gathering of F40s ever seen anywhere in the world and will certainly beat the club’s own previous record of 40 F40s seen at the Silverstone Classic in 2007,” Chiltern-Hunt added.

The photo above is from the 2007 event and we’re sure you’ll agree it is wonderful sight.

When released the 2.9 litre twin turbo V8 in the F40 produced a then staggering 352kW. Multiply that by 50 and you get 17,600kW, or over 23,500hp. Powaaaaaaah!

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Here’s your chance to buy a Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

I’m guessing most AUSmotive readers have, at some point in their lives, lusted after a Ferrari F40. I know I certainly have. I also know some readers have been lucky enough to get up close and personal with the last of the Ferraris built under the watchful eye of Enzo Ferrari himself.

Now, you can buy the car you see here in these pictures. The F40 will be up for sale this weekend at the Historics at Brooklands auction. It’s expected to sell for around £280,000–320,000 (approx AU$465,000–530,000).

Only 1315 F40s were ever made, so this is a rare chance to get your hands on one. The example up for grabs was built in 1989 and has a travelled mere 10,500 miles. Who wants to chip in?