Audi quattro concept looks set for production

Audi quattro spied in Malibu

This Audi quattro concept, or perhaps that should read, the Audi quattro concept was recently spotted in Malibu, California. It’s understood the Paris Motor Show star was out on a photoshoot, with a red 1980s Ur-Quattro also along for the ride. The cruisey quattros had a Police escort and all.

Okay, that’s not the properly exciting bit. Apparently the guy who snapped the spy pics (see link below for more) spoke to the lucky folks with the stunning quattro concept and was told Audi will be putting the concept into limited production. Bravo!

Let’s just hope the earlier rumour that its price could be a whopping £200,000(AU$320,000) is proved false.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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