BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R revealed

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R

This is the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R and it is pretty damn awesome. Inspired by the iconic 1970s 3.0 CSL this 21st century concept was revealed at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach last weekend.

It’s little more than eye candy with scant technical details offered. That leaves us with grand statements from BMW’s top brass.

Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design: “Motor racing is all about the ability of cars to mesmerise, about the unbridled joy of driving. Back in 1975, as today, winning races came down to how man and machine could work together. Technical innovations have taken the effectiveness of this partnership to ever great heights. And with the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R we’re aiming to show how much closer the driver and car can grow in the future.”

Karim Habib, Head of Design BMW Automobiles: “Both inside and outside, the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R is primarily a reflection of its function. The exterior and interior design is based around the requirements of motor sport as far as the car and driver are concerned; aerodynamics and driving dynamics on the one hand, the most direct connection between driver and machine on the other.”

If you think you’ve seen something like this from BMW before, you’re right. In May this year the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage was presented at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. We reckon this R version, with BMW Motorsport livery, looks a lot better.

Enjoy the pics after the break.

Audi Video

VIDEO: Audi A3 clubsport quattro

Audi A3 clubsport quattro

Remember the Audi A3 clubsport quattro? How could you forget it! It’s that RS3 in concept clothing now on show at Wörthersee. It’s got stupid amounts of horsepower—it even puts the GTI Roadster in the shade—and a massive don’t stuff with me air brake on the boot lid.

Audi Germany has put together this short clip showing the making process before letting the beast strut its stuff on the track.


[Thanks to John for the tip]

Motor Shows Volkswagen

Wörthersee 2014: Volkswagen GTI Roadster

Volkswagen GTI Roadster

The fearsome GTI Roadster has just been wheeled out at the Wörthersee show and, oh boy, what a beast it is! Just look at the key stats. It’s powered by a 3.0 litre V6 biturbo pumping out a staggering 370kW (503PS). Peak torque is 560Nm and is on tap between 4000–6000rpm. Mind, 500Nm of that torque is all yours from just 2000rpm.

That power is sent through a 7-speed DSG and 4motion all-wheel drive system and Volkswagen says its 1420kg concept can reach 100km/h in 3.6 seconds. Keep your foot planted and you’ll top out at 309km/h.

In a case of life imitating art the GTI Roadster began as nothing more than a virtual creation for the Sony Playstation game Gran Turismo 6. After being asked by Sony to create a car for Gran Turismo’s fifteenth anniversary Volkswagen launched an internal design competition.

Judged by Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen Head of Design, and Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Tursimo, the winners were Malte Hammerbeck and Domen Rucigaj (exterior) and Guillermo Mignot (interior). They became informally known as the Vision GTI-GT6 taskforce.

The taskforce was joined by other designers and their visual creation was developed entirely by computer, including the 3D modelling. The press material below doesn’t offer any detail on the production of the model you see in the photos, though. But there are some very cool cutaway images for you after the break.

Freed from the reality of real-world production constraints the GTI Roadster is described by Volkswagen as the “most spectacular GTI ever” and it’s pretty hard to disagree with that claim.

MINI Video

VIDEO: MINI Superleggera Vision

MINI Superleggera Vision concept

The MINI Superleggera Vision concept is a very cool thing. This we all seem to agree on. So here’s a couple of videos which may help you increase your attraction to this one-off electric powered creation. They aren’t the most exciting vids you’ll ever watch, they just focus on the lines and exquisite details of the retro inspired two-seater. And, as you’ll see, there’s nothing at all wrong with that approach.

[via MotoringFile]


MINI Superleggera Vision revealed

MINI Superleggera Vision

BMW has a fine recent tradition for rocking up to the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este with new and usually stunning concept models. This year is no exception, although the honour has gone to MINI. And the junior brand hasn’t let the team down with this great looking Superleggera Vision concept model.

MINI joined forces with Milan-based Touring Superleggera to create the two-seat roadster. It’s been hand crafted in the finest of coachbuilding traditions, yet is powered by a thoroughly modern electric drivetrain. Sadly no details have been provided about the car’s mechanical features.

So we’re left with this motherhood statement from Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design: “Touring Superleggera and MINI have much in common: both companies attach great importance to their history and this is something which defines their outward appearance to this day.

“What is more, they both emphasise iconic design and distinctive solutions. These elements are merged in the MINI Superleggeraâ„¢ Vision to create an elegant automobile which interprets a British roadster under the influence of Italian style and hand craftsmanship.”


Audi A3 clubsport quattro concept revealed

Audi A3 clubsport quattro

“We have pushed the limits in every respect with this show car: power, dynamics, sound, design.”

They’re the words of the impressively titled Prof Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s board member for Technical Development. The concept in question is this balls out A3 clubsport quattro. It will be on public display for the furst time at the annual Wörthersee show. And, yes, Audi has indeed pushed the limits.

It’s based on the S3 Sedan, although with those flared guards, aggressive body kit and growling 2.5 litre engine there’s not much of the S3 Sedan remaining.

As is Audi’s wont with its show cars that engine is far from standard. In this case the 2.5 litre five-pot we came to know and love from the TT RS has been reworked to produce a staggering 386kW (525hp). Five hundred and twenty-five horsepower!

According to Audi the concept weighs in at 1527kg and with its 7-speed S tronic and quattro system it can knock off 100km/h in 3.6 seconds.

This show car is likely to be a massive tease, although we can live in hope that the next RS3 may take some of the styling tweaks, if not a fair portion of its totally corrupting power.

Yep, we want one too.


Volvo Concept Estate revealed

Volvo Concept Estate

Around the middle of last year Volvo gave us the very sexy Concept Coupé. Then they turned it into an SUV, which we didn’t care for too much. Now it’s become the Concept Estate. And it’s ice cold cool.

It’s so awesome and we were so smitten with its rear three-quarter profile that it took us a while to realise the car itself is that god awful brown colour manufacturers seem to love these days.

Aside from oozing Swedish style the Concept Estate’s party trick is its new electronic tablet style central dash display, used to control the car’s functions.

The sleek two-door body style will never make it into production, so we’re just going to have to enjoy this concept lark while we can.

The car itself will be on display in Geneva next week and we look forward to seeing more. In the meantime there’s pics and video for you after the break.


Audi allroad shooting brake concept revealed

Audi allroad shooting brake concept

Last month Audi previewed what we now know is the allroad shooting brake concept, which is what you see here. Then, and now, it’s clear this show car is a real-world preview of the next-gen TT coupé.

Certainly, if you look inside the cabin, the dash of this shooting brake concept matches the new TT interior revealed in Las Vegas last week.

On the outside the production TT may not match this concept panel for panel, but you can expect the front grille, headlight treatment and general shape of the TT to be directly descended from the shooting brake concept.

Indeed, Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s Technical Development boss, has said as much: “We are offering very concrete glimpses of the near future in this show car.”

The design language previewed here will likely carry across other future models as well. The next A4, for example.

For what it’s worth the allroad shooting brake is powered by a 300kW/650Nm petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain. The bulk of that power comes from a 2.0 TFSI petrol engine producing 215kW/380Nm. While two electric motors provide the rest: 40kW at the front axle and a separate motor for the rear axle offering 85kW. They say both motors can operate together with the petrol engine, so that makes 340kW to us. Never mind.

Despite the use of aluminium and CFRP for the body panels the concept still tips the scales at a not so moderate 1600kg, but with all hands on deck in the drivetrain department and a ubiquitous double-clutch gearbox the allroad shooting brake can reach 100km/h in 4.6 seconds.

Oh, and, don’t you just love the way car makers post-rationalise their concept models. Audi’s explanation for this concept model is a bit like a tampon commercial:

The versatility and functionality of the Audi allroad shooting brake is ideal for young, sporty and active people. In the winter in California, for example, they could drive the car from Los Angeles to the San Gabriel Mountains for snowboarding in the morning, and then head out to at Venice Beach for some kite surfing in the afternoon.


Volkswagen Design Vision GTI promo video

Volkswagen Design Vision GTI

Now that the annual Wörthersee show is underway Volkswagen has released this short promo video of the 370kW V6 twin turbo Design Vision GTI. That’s nice and all, but we just want to see some real fair dinkum pics. Enough of the com-gen imagery.

[Thanks to Chris for the tip]

Motor Shows Subaru

New York 2013: Subaru WRX Concept

2013 Subaru WRX Concept

So the leaked images were bang on the money; this is the new Subaru WRX Concept, we shall call it the Sexy Rexy—there’s never really been one of those before. It was revealed a few days ago at the New York International Auto Show.

We’re grateful to Subaru for providing some nice hi res pics, but in true concept form there’s next to no detail on what lies beneath the skin of the Sexy Rexy. Certainly, we know nothing of the engine or its specs.

We can tell you that the colour is called ‘WR Blue Pearl III’ and that the 20″ one-piece forged duralmin wheels are made by BBS. The model name of the wheels is RI-D if you’re really keen and they’re wrapped in specially produced 245/40R20 Dunlop rubber.

But that’s it. No more firm details, aside from a few basic dimensions (length 4520mm x width 1890mm x height 1390mm; wheelbase 2760mm). In fact, Subaru, at this point in time, hasn’t even committed to a production schedule for its newest WRX.

Let’s hope they don’t take too long and, more importantly, that the Sexy Rexy loses little in translation to production model.


I think it’s gonna be a long, long time

MINI Rocketman Concept

This funky little MINI Rocketman concept was one of the stars of this year’s Geneva Motor Show. We’ve previously heard a production model is likely and now we can start to put a date to MINI’s latest plans. According to Auto Express the Rocketman will launch in 2014.

Sized at around 400mm longer and 500mm wider than the original classic Mini, the Rocketman represents a genuine return to mini motoring. The final version will be MINI’s entry-level model and is expected to carry over the 3+1 seating configuration from the concept as well.

The Rocketman will draw from BMW’s i brand, too. That’s likely to mean the use of a carbon fibre shell and aluminium chassis, in order to keep weight down.

Ian Robertson, BMW sales and marketing director, explains “MINI will never produce a car under the ‘i’ brand—this is exclusively for BMWs—but the technology we are developing for the ‘i’ family of cars will certainly be made available for the rest of the BMW Group.”

[Source: Auto Express]


So, what is the Audi quattro concept like to drive?

Audi quattro concept

When the stunning Audi quattro concept made its debut in Paris it was little more than a show car queen. It had a modest engine designed only to get it from transporter to show hall. Now, though, Audi has fiddled with the car and installed a few herbs. 402 of them to be exact, or around 300kW if you want the straight version. Powered by the wonderful 2.5 litre inline five cylinder found in the TT RS and now the RS3, as well, and tipping the scales at a whopping 235kg less than the RS3, this 21st century Quattro should be the duck’s guts. But is it?

Well, luckily for us, or perhaps more luckily for them, Matt Prior from Autocar and Henry Catchpole from Evo have been given the chance to drive the car to find out.

Matt Prior: Encouraged by Audi to press on a bit faster, I give it a bootful, at which point it feels rather less like a concept car. The Quattro really flies. Once you’ve a few revs wound on – anything over 2500 is fine – most of the lag disappears and the distinctive five-pot warble kicks in, followed by some whistling and chattering of the wastegate when you lift and start the process in the next gear. It feels R8 V10 kind of fast, but that acceleration is easier to get at. The shift is sweet too. The brakes perhaps a tad over-servoed, but manageable enough. Engine response is fine for heel and toe downshifts.

Henry Catchpole: Despite steering that could do with being a bit quicker, you can feel how light it is and what a short wheelbase it has as it snaps into corners with the rear end feeling particularly keen. It also rides amazingly well for a concept car with big 20in wheels. Even after a limited drive I want one.

While it’s very early days yet—the concept is yet to be approved for production—it sounds as though Audi’s engineers have a great platform to work on should the top brass give them the okay to build it.

We especially like this last line from Catchpole’s review, “If you put the sat-nav into ‘Race’ mode then it will apparently read you pace notes for the road ahead like a rally co-driver!” For the full text follow the links below.

[Source: Autocar & Evo]