Could BMW make a 332kW 1M “CSL”?

BMW 1M CSL rendering

Apparently, by this time next week BMW will have lifted the wraps from its highly anticipated 1 Series M Coupé. But that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from working overtime and we think most will like the latest 1M news to emerge.

Remember a couple of weeks back when we showed you that screen grab of engine specs, believed to be from an internal BMW source. Well, on that list was an N54B3OTO engine spec listed with 332kW (445hp). That’s a fairly healthy increase over the expected 250kW we will see in the 1M Coupé, right.

Turns out there is a chance that BMW, through a new Performance Program, could be getting ready to make a CSL-style 1M. The theory being this will be a nice little earner for the Munich massive while they’re busy developing the next model M3.

Is it really going to happen; well, we don’t know for certain. But it would be the perfect way to see out the 1 Series Coupé model cycle in 2012, that’s for sure!

[Source: Jon Sibal via BimmerFile]

8 replies on “Could BMW make a 332kW 1M “CSL”?”

I knew there had to be an advantage to being tall, and there it is. Overlooking it from up high, the 1-series coupe actually looks pretty good.

…Truth be told, I really want one of these. Audi is lucky the production is limited, because the 1M will likely pants the RS3, CSL guise or not.

Don’t be surprised if BMW see dollar signs and limit the number of 1M Coupés to the amount they can sell! Word is the previously understood limit of 2700 vehicles could get scrapped.

Classic lines and smooth brute force… Ahhh this is sheer beauty. And the colour scheme is pretty damn good 😉

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