Volkswagen’s new New Beetle caught naked

VW new New Beetle

First we were told Volkswagen’s new New Beetle was going to be radical. Then Oprah showed off its silhouette, after VW helped her promise a car to eleventy billion of her closest friends (okay, it’s only 275). Now, KGP Photography and Autoblog bring us photos of a completely unclothed new New Beetle (click source link below for more pics).

The new New Beetle uses the current Mk6 Golf platform and will be built in Mexico alongside the Jetta. While it can sometimes be folly to judge a car based solely on photographs, we think this new New Beetle looks okay, but perhaps the wheel arches are too over the top. It looks like it’s driving on kiddy wheels that are out of proportion with the rest of the car.

While we’re discussing proportions, what about the back arch and C-pillar? The chiselled edge around the window detail is very nice, we admit, but we think there might be a bit too much Quasimodo in this new New Beetle for us to declare it a loveable evolution/revolution, like the the old New Beetle was a decade ago.

[Source: Autoblog]

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