Volkswagen unleashes The Beetle

Volkswagen The Beetle

Volkswagen has released photos and details of its new New Beetle. Except, it’s not called the New Beetle anymore; simply, The Beetle.

It’s a more masculine design, according to the marketing blurb, and we’re not entirely sure it hits the right notes. Although, The Beetle certainly does look much sportier than the New Beetle. And that’s a good thing.

While first impressions are pretty good, closer inspection of the pics has us asking if the proportions are right. We may need to wait until we see this car for real until we can pass final judgement. That means early 2012 for our Australian eyes.

The Beetle has been totally redesigned, with no carry over parts from the old model. Early reports from those attending launch events in New York and Shanghai seem positive for the most part.

Take a look at the small gallery of pics after the break and let us know what you think. There’s plenty of detail from Volkswagen AG for you to read as well.


Volkswagen’s new New Beetle caught naked

VW new New Beetle

First we were told Volkswagen’s new New Beetle was going to be radical. Then Oprah showed off its silhouette, after VW helped her promise a car to eleventy billion of her closest friends (okay, it’s only 275). Now, KGP Photography and Autoblog bring us photos of a completely unclothed new New Beetle (click source link below for more pics).

The new New Beetle uses the current Mk6 Golf platform and will be built in Mexico alongside the Jetta. While it can sometimes be folly to judge a car based solely on photographs, we think this new New Beetle looks okay, but perhaps the wheel arches are too over the top. It looks like it’s driving on kiddy wheels that are out of proportion with the rest of the car.

While we’re discussing proportions, what about the back arch and C-pillar? The chiselled edge around the window detail is very nice, we admit, but we think there might be a bit too much Quasimodo in this new New Beetle for us to declare it a loveable evolution/revolution, like the the old New Beetle was a decade ago.

[Source: Autoblog]


Oprah shows off new New Beetle silhouette

Volkswagen New Beetle

Oprah Winfrey has revealed the profile of Volkswagen’s new New Beetle. Of course, who else! Well, what do you think? It looks a bit old skool 911, if you squint your eyes, hold breath and think of flowers in your hair in San Francisco.

Apparently the stunt is all part of Oprah’s goodbye tour in which she will be giving a fleet of 275 Beetles away to audience members. Due for release in 2012, or possibly late in 2011, the New Beetle is scheduled for production at Puebla, Mexico from around September next year.

There has been previous speculation that VW will reveal their new “icon” at the Detroit Auto Show in January. However, this rumour was quashed by Volkswagen of America boss, Jonathon Browning, when he confirmed that Oprah had been granted an early preview of the New Beetle. He went on to say that the public wouldn’t get to see the car until their Spring in 2011 (our Autumn).

We’ve spared you the video of Oprah’s audience hooting and hollering, but if you must, follow the source link below to the see the drama for yourself.

[Source: Autoblog]


The new New Beetle to reveal “radical design”

Volkswagen New Beetle rendering

According to a report from UK publication Autocar, Volkswagen sources have confirmed with them the new New Beetle will be a “radical design”. The rendering above is Autocar‘s interpretation of that comment. It looks okay. I guess. Radical? Not greatly. If the above rendering is on the money, then the Beetle will be taking on a more masculine look than the first New Beetle.

Apparently, we’ll know for sure what the new New Beetle will look like at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show in January, if not a bit before.

The Beetle will be built in Mexico alongside the new Jetta. The two cars will share many chassis and engine components. It is expected the new New Beetle will be on sale in Europe before the middle of next year. Add somewhere in the vicinity of 9 months for an Australian release, maybe pre-Christmas 2011 at a guess. A convertible New Beetle will follow in 2012.

[Source: Autocar]