Opel Astra priced to play with class-leading Golf

2010 Opel Astra

According to GoAuto the Opel Astra, due in Australia in 2012, is expected to carry a $3500 price premium over its locally built Holden Cruze cousin. That’s likely to put the Astra right in the firing line of the Volkswagen Golf.

It;s understood the entry-level Astra will be fitted with a 103kW/200Nm turbocharged four cylinder, with a predicted price tag of around $26,000. That places the model in between the $24,990 Golf 90TSI and $29,490 Golf 118TSI.

Holden’s boss Mike Devereux was talking about the Astra at the launch of the Cruze II. He explained, “The plan for the two brands—Holden and Opel—would be to have intelligent price points, intelligent approaches to content and technology.”

Therefore, we can expect the Astra models to be well equipped in order to offer value for the extra asking price. Devereux acknowledges the Opel won’t dislodge established players Toyota and Mazda from the top of the sales charts and has set his sights on annual sales in the 7,000-10,000 region.

[Source: GoAuto]