BMW F80 M3 gets serious

BMW F80 M3 prototype

Some great spy shots of the next-generation BMW M3 have emerged over at F30POST. They show the F80M in saloon form (there’s a coupé too) with some funky data gathering wheels on approach to the BMW M center in Nürburg. Of course, that means the car has been given a right seeing to on the Nordschleife as well.

Nobody is really offering any firm predictions on what engine the next M3 will feature. There’s been talk of a triple turbo six cylinder, as well as more conventional discussion about V8 power. We reckon they might go back to a six of some sort, although doubt the possibility of a V6; based on tradition more than anything else.

Word is the F80 M3 will hit the motor show circuit around 12 months from now, with a sales launch early-ish in 2013.

There’s a couple of extra pics and a some earlier video after the break. If you’d like to see more pics in larger sizing, then follow the source link below.

[Source: F30POST]

BMW F80 M3 prototype

BMW F80 M3 prototype

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