VIDEO: Racetrack level driving pleasure

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series

You may know a lot of things about the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupé Black Series. For example, you probably know the official word from Mercedes Australia says all 32 models on their way down under have been sold out. You probably know a ball-tearing Estate version is on its way.

Of course, you will definitely know the C63 Black is powered by one of the world’s great engines; in this case a normally aspirated 6.3 litre V8 producing 380 awe-inspiring kilowatts.

But, did you know its AMG coilover sports suspension and the high performance composite brake system offer ‘racetrack level driving pleasure’?

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Yeh ok, it does look pretty good in white with the black wheels.

Did notice in the clip though that there tended to be a lot of front wheel action out of those corners, tail-out-action perhaps, very twitchy. Anyway……. Wayne, thoughts?

@Scott, Yeh but lots cheaper, I’d rather a GT3 if the Ca$h wasn’t an issue, like it is for me.

Alpine, I don’t know about a lot cheaper. What I’ll be paying for this if I end up going ahead will be within $25k of my first 997.2 GT3. Remember, full retail versus discounts for GT3!

I like it in yellow better. You wouldn’t cross-shop this with a GT3. This one is fun. The blaring exhaust note, the skittish back-end and the look-at-me aero all indicate a heck of a party! The GT3 is a far too serious bit of kit in comparison.

Whoops, looks like my comment above got cut off. What I wanted to say is that rrp wise you are looking at about $265k otr for the Merc and about $300k for the GT3. Of course, then there is the question of discounts, options (the car in the video for example has the track pack which is $15k from memory), and Porsche options are endless (just ask Prof! :))

Prof, GT3 is fun! Just in a different way. Yes, I know your view of the GT3 (and you know mine). You just need to be more committed to get the tail out lol. Question is though, is the black series as skittish in the rear end as your C63 coupe? I suspect less so, but with that much torque, oversteering fun is always just a flex of the foot away I guess.

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