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Will the Alfa Romeo Giulia really look this good?

Alfa Romeo Giulia rendering

Car magazine brings word, and renderings, of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia predicted for release in 2014. It will replace the 159 and lead Alfa’s charge in the mid-size segment. Based on these com-gen images if it looks as good as this, it will sure create some waves among the Passats and 3 Series of the world.

The Giulia will be built on the Fiat-Chrysler CUSW platform (C segment, US compatible, Wide) which is about to spawn the Dodge Dart.

Alfa hopes the Giulia will help them reach 400,000 global sales in 2014. That’s a sizable 150% increase on current annual figures.

[Source: Car]

4 replies on “Will the Alfa Romeo Giulia really look this good?”

Well it’s fairly obviously going to look a hell of a lot better – all Car’s done is take a Giulietta, morph the headlights, tweak the doors and boot to make it into a longer sedan and Sportwagon, and call it a Giulia – the real thing, given it has to replace the 159, still surely one of the world’s most beautiful saloons and wagons, will have to be a much more striking and beautiful thing than this computer generated image….

Nope, they’re from the Giulietta, just elongated electronically in the impression of what Giulia may look like

I hope it looks a lot better than that!
I brought a new 159ti in August last year and will be looking to replace it with a guilia in 2014. I think the 159 is the best family car on the road and they really have to pull the stops out to match it. I think it will be hard to follow up the tri light cluster look at the front end

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