2012 Audi A3 prototype reveals a little bit more

2012 Audi A3

World Car Fans brings us a decent gallery of 2012 Audi A3 spy shots. As the auto espionage pics trickle in the details revealed by Audi grow. Here we have been given a good preview of the front of the car with headlight and fog light treatments virtually undisguised.

To be honest the next-gen A3 is going to look a lot like the current 8P model. That’s no bad thing in our eyes, of course.

Actually, you only need to refer back to the A3 concept unveiled at Geneva earlier this year to see just how much Audi appears to have given away. Subtle and effective style upgrades are the order of the day for the next A3; traditionally the first model in the Volkswagen group to be released on the new ‘Golf’ platform.

[Source: WCF]

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Looks like the current A3 except with major swirls haha. Anyhow I’m glad Audi didn’t go the path of the 3 series BMW.

Hahahaha! Mark, I have never seen a positive comment from you on Audi design yet! (hope you are well btw, been awhile)

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